Friday, 29 June 2012

the Undones: Thanks, Project Life!

Hey, hey!

Well, it is a beautiful day here today. So, I have those pictures ready to share as I promised yesterday.

This week, I decided to take a break from Ben's baby book and try something new. "A change is as good as a rest" and all that.  These pictures are part of our Summer 2010 trip. We spent some time visiting Sam's sister and her family in Mississauga. I decided to use We R Memory Keepers divided page protectors left over from my Project Life attempt. (You can read about why I broke up with Project Life in this post.)

Anyway, turns out the page protectors were a great idea. Kind of like a mini book but it fits right into my 12x12 album. Love!

Here's a look at the whole thing.


And here are the individual pages and pieces.

The cover page:


 The back of the cover page:


Some pictures from Marineland in a 6x12 page protector...


and here's the backside with photos of Gabriel and Sam riding the rides at Marineland.


We went to Centreville in Toronto for Gabriel's 3rd birthday.  I've already made a page about his birthday and had pics leftover I didn't want left out.

Summer 2010_Centreville_2

And here's the back of that page.


You can see that I used some Jillibean Soup labels, some Prima mini letter stickers and some washi tape to get my creative fix but otherwise these pages are very simple.

I still have some pages I want to make about our trip but if I never get to them at least I've got the best parts of our trip scrapped.  That makes me pretty happy. And I don't think I would have thought to use divided protectors like this without all the amazing work I've seen from Project Lifers.  So, even though I'm not doing Project Life, all that inspiration still helped me get this mini-project done. Thanks, PL

So, how about you? Have you been getting any of your Undones done? Why not leave a comment telling me why or why not? I'd love to hear what you're up to.

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

the Undones: due to weather...

hey, hey...

This week's installment of the Undones is delayed due to weather.  I know scrapping is an inside sport but I usually take my photos outside. And taking photos of layouts in the And it's been so overcast today there really wasn't much natural light in the house either. The weather is supposed to be lovely and sunny tomorrow so I'll try then and post asap.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

ICAD2: Day 24

So, I decided to challenge myself for card 24 -no blue. That is a big challenge for me. You know how some people feel about teal? Well, that's how I feel about blue. I use blue all the time, in almost everything I create.  It's my go-to color.

I couldn't help but wonder if I could even make something with absolutely no blue at all. Fortunately, I did. I definitely felt uncomfortable creating without blue but I'm glad I challenged myself. Here's my card


I stuck a piece of burlap to my card because...well, why not? Then I grabbed one of my favorite stencils, Balzer Designs Fractured Flower and my Claudine Hellmuth Studio Painterly Pink and Jenni Bowlin for Ranger paint dabbers in Seed Packet and Cough Syrup. I really love paint dabbers because they make it so easy to use paint.

Originally, I sprayed some Dylusions ink sprays through the Fractured Flower stencil (that's why you can see the yellow in there) but I didn't get a good impression so I went with the paint. It was much easier to cover the burlap with the paint. I dried the paint with my heat gun and then outlined the flower segments with my Signo white gel pen.

I really love the texture of the burlap and I think this idea would be fun for an art journal page or maybe something for the wall...hmmm... I can definitely see more burlap painting in my future!

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

ICAD2: Day 23

Hey, hey!

I'm still working away on my index cards for ICAD2. How about you?  It's starting to get interesting/challenging as I branch out and try new techniques and color combinations.  So, my here's card for Day 23.


The background is a wacky combination of acrylic paints. I was experimenting with layers when I added the black.  That was a "flopportunity" because the paint dried faster than I expected and I was left with a mostly black background.


After rummaging through some drawers I found red embossing powder and embossed the medallion background stamp from Stampin Up!  I added the quote with a white Signo Gel pen. I love the quote but the white pen doesn't feel right. I might change it later. Maybe. I'll let you know if I change my mind.

If you're looking for some added inspiration, go check out the ICAD2 Flickr group.  It's amazing what people are doing with their index cards.

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

ICAD2 Day 22 update

Oh, I love this card for day 22. It's so textured and I love the colors and there's actually a story here! Can you believe it?

Here's the card...


The note says, "it bugs him that sometimes  I confuse astronomy with astrology". The "him" is my husband, Samy. It bugs him because (as I'm told) one is science and the other is "signs" - as in "what's your sign, baby? Now I make the mistake on purpose just to tease him.

This card was a grand experiment with painting on tin foil.  I crinkled the tin foil a little before sticking it down with multi-medium. Here's a tip when painting on tin foil, use gesso. I was anxious to get started and skipped this step.  It wasn't very long before I had to gesso the card and start over because without the gesso the paint kept lifting off.  So be patient and use gesso.

Anyway, look at the texture the tin foil gives the background.


The paint is a combination of Classic Teal and Smidge of Blue by Claudine Hellmuth Studio for Ranger. The lighter blue is just the Smidge of Blue mixing with the gesso because I didn't wait for the gesso to dry.  For once, my impatience was rewarded!

I stamped the white circle by painting the end of a empty toilet paper tube with white paint. Then I sprayed it with some water to blur the outline.  Lastly, I drew a white line using my Signo White Gel Pen around the edges.  I did try to sand the paint to reveal some of the tin foil but the paint started to flake off so I stopped sanding. I'm just not a sander, it seems.

This card was so much fun to make that I've started a similar page in my art journal.  And I bet this would look amazing on some altered art. So, go grab some tin foil, paint and gesso and try this out. There are so many possibilities I think you'll love it.

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Art Journal Everyday: I only do backgrounds

I'm having a problem with focal images so all I'm making these days is backgrounds. I love them but they need something - the problem is I have no idea what to do next.

Check out this page...


It looks so neat in real life but I'm at the point where I need to know what I'm going to do next so I can do it and so I don't ruin a page I'm really loving. It's a problem.

I used 3 shades of Faber Castell Gelatos for the blue.  Gelatos are new-ish to me so I'm trying to see what they can do. The stencil is Chequered Dots from Dyan Reaveley's Dylusion line. I used them with Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints in Altered Orange and Blank Canvas.

And while I'm at it, I want to share my favorite way to prime a page. I have been embedding book pages in the gesso before it dries. It's extra texture and visual interest with very little work. I like to tear up the book page and randomly smoosh it into the wet gesso. Then I cover the book paper in a thin coat of gesso.


Here's a look at an index card I made as part of Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day2 challenge. If you look closely you can see the book pages in there.

ICAD2_Day 18

And that's another week in my art journal.

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Friday, 22 June 2012

ICAD2 Day 21

Hey all!

Here's my card for Day 21...

ICAD2_Day 21

I used the Balzer Designs Wedding Ring stencil (12x12) with Jenni Bowlin's for Ranger paint dabber in Spice Tin. I knew the paint wasn't going to work very well on the index card so I used a paper towel instead. It worked perfectly and I got a beautiful, crisp image.  Then I adhered the paper towel to the index card using Golden's Regular Gel Medium. I used a Dylusion stencil (Letter Jumble) and some Claudine Hellmuth Studio paint (Blank Canvas) for the white letters and the same stencil with Claudine Hellmuth's Modern Red for the trim and drips. Love the Dylusion stencils.  And I made the note using the Chitchat stickers by Tim Holtz.

And that's 21 cards down.  We're a little more than 1/3 the way through the challenge. Wow, I can't believe it!

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

ICAD2 Update: Days 13 and 20

After I finished looking at my last ICAD2 post, I realized I was missing a card. So here is the real, Day 13. It's my last Zentangle card for a while. Not sure what my Zentangle plans are but I'm loving the break (sorry again, Zentangle).


And here's my card for Day 20.


First, I coated the card in gesso and gently pressed a sheet of paper towel into the gesso to get an impression. I love how it looks. Then I started playing with Faber Castell Gelatos and acrylic paint. I was delighted when I managed to get the Gelatos to drip and run. The note is made from words I picked out of Tim Holtz's Chitchat stickers. They are fun. I'm sure you'll see them again. Then I painted a Studio Calico wood veneer bird with Claudine Hellmuth Dash of Red Studio Paint and sat her on a line I drew with a black pen.

The really great thing about ICAD2, is that I'm discovering techniques that I will use again in my art journal.  I know I'm going to use this paper towel and gesso technique again and again. It looks so neat.

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the Undones: a Washi tape tip

Hey, hey!

It's been another beautiful sunny day here and it's Samy's birthday so this will be short and sweet.

I continued working away on Ben's baby album today and I just wanted to share a quick tip for altering page protectors to fit your album.

As I mentioned, I've been using the Lickety Slipper 8x8 pack of assorted page protectors for my album.  The only challenge is that I'm using a 5.5x7.5 album from We R Memory Keepers so the holes that come pre-punched in the page protectors aren't lining up with the album's rings. In short, the album is starting to look funny.

Or at least it was until I remembered a little tutorial that Julie Fei-Fan Balzer had on her blog a while back about how to customize a page protector for Project Life. In particular, she used washi tape to cover the holes and then re-punched holes to fit her album. Genius and just what I need to make some of the smaller Lickety Slippers work for my little album.

Here's a look...

Ben's Baby Book_1

The blue stripe edging is washi tape from The Freckled Fawn that I used to cover the original holes. I bet you wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you, right?

This is a folded page protector. Here's what it looks like when folded out.

Ben's Baby Book_3

Ben's Baby Book_4

So, there's a little tip to help you put your washi tape to work. If you're anything like me you have oodles of it but that's ok because washi tape is definitely a multi-tasker. And you can never have too many of those.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

ICAD 2: Cards 13-18

Hey, hey!

Time for an update on my ICAD2 cards.  Now that I've stopped Zentangling (sorry, Zentangle) and moved on to a mixed media/art journaling style, I finally feel comfortable with this project. Don't get me wrong, Zentangling is awesome but it was taking me hours (that's right, hours) to finish each card.  Now that I'm in my happy place, I'm having way more fun.

Here are my cards for Days 13-19.

Day 13 was inspired by the Textured Foil Background tutorial by May Flaum. I used adhesive backed foil from Ranger and Adirondack Alcohol Inks. I am going to try this again with regular tin foil on an art journal page. I just have to know what will happen and what it will look like.


Day 14 was back to basics with layered up book text which I stained with Vintage Photo Distress Stain.  The heart is modeling paste.  I tried to write using the red glaze I made from Claudine Hellmuth Dash of Red Studio Paint and Tsukineko Goosebumps Clear Texture Spray. Clearly, that didn't work. Instead, I spread it around with my finger and added the letter stickers.


Day 15 started with a piece of leftover Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky Back Canvas. I didn't have enough canvas to cover the whole card so I used a piece of fabric ribbon from an old kit club. The houses are from Dyan Reaveley's Dylusion stamp set, Right Up Your Street. I stamped the houses on white paper and colored them using watercolor paints. Then I layered them up and added the letter stickers. They take up too much space but whatevs. It's just a card, right?


Day 16 is my all time favorite card. I love it like crazy-cakes. There are a few steps to making this one so keep your eyes open for a little tutorial on how I made it in the next day or so.


On Day 17, I kept going with the house theme. I have no idea what this card is about but I love it. It's weird and creepy and maybe it needs something else but I don't want to fiddle with it and ruin it.

ICAD2_Day 17

Day 18 was the day I fell in love with embedding book pages in gesso.  I coated the card in gesso and then ripped up some book pages and pressed them into the gesso.  Then I covered the pages in gesso so they would take the next layer of paint the same as the non-book parts of the card. The effect is the same as image transfer except the words read the right way - nothing is backwards.

Lots of layers of paint here and then a Tim Holtz quote stamp and an old, old, old Gel-a-Tins stamp from the Vroom set.

ICAD2_Day 18

And that's what I have been up to with ICAD2.  I'm all caught up but cards 19-21 are drying so I don't have any pictures to share yet.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Do you rescrap?

I don't know about you but sometimes I just love a photo so much I have to rescrap it. Sometimes more than once.

I made this layout using some left over wallet prints from my Week In the Life album. I found the quote on an old sheet of Cosmo Cricket paper and just had to use it.  One of my favorite pics on this page is the one of Gabriel running in the backyard.

Sadly,Never Enough Time

You may have seen it in my design team projects for The Paperie's May kit, Starbright.


And here it is again. This is actually the first time I used it, in my Week in the Life album.


Here's another pic I had to rescrap.


I used The Paperie's May kit for this page, too.


This one of Ben is another one of my favorites.


I used it again in a layout I made last week for my Paperie Pick post about Stencils that Layer. (love those, by the way.)


And these are just a few examples. I don't rescrap every photo (obviously) but there are some that just need more than one page.  There are so many wonderful stories I could tell using just one picture.

I love these pages and I don't mind one bit that I'm using some of the same pictures over and over again. Of course, I keep taking and printing oodles of new pictures but I just can't help myself. Some pictures have many stories they need to tell - more than I can fit on one page - and until they're all told I guess I'll keep rescrapping them.

So, what about you? Do you rescrap too? Or do you keep moving through your pile of pictures? I'd love to know. Just leave a comment below.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

A bad picture of a favorite layout...

As you  may have noticed, I'm no professional photographer. It doesn't usually bother me.  All I want from my pictures is for people to look like themselves and to capture special moments. 

For my blog though, I try to take "good" pictures of my layouts. I'm learning a lot but sometimes I just can't make it "turn out right".  Take this layout, for example...

Kent'd Pond with Ben

I love it.  It is one of my favorites layouts, in real life.  I made it with Echo Park's A Boy's Life collection, some Amy Tangerine washi tape and some odds and ends.

This picture does not do it justice. I have taken pictures of it on 3 separate occasions and it just never looks right. Just look at my eyes! They are like black holes but in real life this picture looks good. Here's a closeup of the details.

Me and Ben_closeup_Kent's Pond

For the journaling that mats the photo, I wrote "love you" over and aver again around the photo. I love doing that. It's another way to get my handwriting on my pages.

So, thank you for putting up with the bad pictures for today. If you have any recommendations about websites or books that can help an amateur photographer, please leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

the Undones: a little something

note: on Thursdays I blog about projects that aren't quite done.  Maybe they need some journaling, or photos or both.  I call them "the Undones" and I have a box full of good intentions. In this series, I pick a project, finish it and share the results. I'd love it if you would play along and share a link to your newly finished project in the comments.

I have been struggling to get anything done with Ben's baby book this week.  I have excuses (the weather was great, the kids have been a handful, other commitments, lack of mojo) all of which are true. Tonight, after supper, I started writing the oops-I-didn't-get-it-done post in my head. I was going to write a cute, pithy excuse post. I really was.

Instead, I decided to just get something done. Just get one small thing finished.

I sat at my desk, tidied it up, fiddled with some pages and decided to tell the story of how Ben got his name. So that even if I did nothing else with this book ever again, that story would be where it belongs.

Here's what I made. Sorry about the poor lighting it was getting late when I took the pictures.

Story of Ben's Name_1

Story of Ben's Name_2

I made this 4x6 page from some old October Afternoon grid paper from the Boarding Pass collection, a Jillibean Soup scrap and some corrugated blue alphabets.  Then I distressed the edges using Gathered Twigs Distress Ink. I used the fabulous fine point erasable Frixon pen by Pilot for my journaling. I love being able to erase any mistakes in my journaling. Who doesn't, right?

This one is all about the story and one that I'm glad it is written down.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, making the decision to do something (anything!) is half the battle.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

12 on June 12th...

Finally.  For the first time since I heard about 12 on the 12th, I was able to play along yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day here and my mom and I took the boys for a walk around Kent's Pond. Incidentally, it's my favorite trail in the city and it did not disappoint yesterday.

Here are my 12 favorite photos from yesterday.

Me & Gabe_12 on June 12

Me and Gabriel.

Me & Mom_12 on June 12

Me and my mom.

Kents Pond ducks_12 on June 12

Momma duck and her babies.

Ben loves ducks_12 on June 12

Ben loved the ducks and kept trying to touch them.

Gabriel_ducks_12 on June 12

Gabriel was all about feeding the ducklings. He called them "the littles".

Snacks on the Pond_12 on June 12

Then we had a snack.

Cherry Blossom_12 on June 12

And when we were walking around the pond, I found a cherry tree in blossom. I love cherry blossoms.

Me and Boys_Treehouse_12 on June 12

Then we played in the treehouse.

Me and Ben_12 on June 12

Ben walking_12 on June 12

Then back to the car.

Ben's supper_ 12 on June 12

When we got home, Ben had supper right away.  I promise there were vegetables. Really and truly. Ben ate them all before I thought to get my camera.

Sleepy Gabriel_ 12 on June 12

Gabriel said he wasn't hungry and flaked on the couch instead.

And that was our June 12.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything with these pics although it would make a cute mini book or collage page.  Regardless, I'm going to have to make a page about Kent's Pond at some point.  The pictures I take when we're there are the best.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Index Card a Day 2: Alpha prompt

Hey, hey!

The sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day so this is going to be a super quick post.

My friend, Sara, was the hostess for the ICAD2 project, yesterday.  I really wanted to play along but I still wanted to have a Zentangle card.  After some thought, I found a great quote on the Marc and Angel Hack Life blog that made it all come together.  I had made a background at the beginning of the challenge that I just didn't like.  I added the quote to my card and called it done. Easy peasy!


I also made this card for today...


I wish you could see how nice the purple shading turned out.  It's prettier - in real life. I'm usually a blue person (as you may have noticed) but I wanted to try a different color palette. Just to see.

So that's it for today. I'm heading out to enjoy the sunshine. Hope it's sunny where you are!