Saturday, 23 June 2012

ICAD2 Day 22 update

Oh, I love this card for day 22. It's so textured and I love the colors and there's actually a story here! Can you believe it?

Here's the card...


The note says, "it bugs him that sometimes  I confuse astronomy with astrology". The "him" is my husband, Samy. It bugs him because (as I'm told) one is science and the other is "signs" - as in "what's your sign, baby? Now I make the mistake on purpose just to tease him.

This card was a grand experiment with painting on tin foil.  I crinkled the tin foil a little before sticking it down with multi-medium. Here's a tip when painting on tin foil, use gesso. I was anxious to get started and skipped this step.  It wasn't very long before I had to gesso the card and start over because without the gesso the paint kept lifting off.  So be patient and use gesso.

Anyway, look at the texture the tin foil gives the background.


The paint is a combination of Classic Teal and Smidge of Blue by Claudine Hellmuth Studio for Ranger. The lighter blue is just the Smidge of Blue mixing with the gesso because I didn't wait for the gesso to dry.  For once, my impatience was rewarded!

I stamped the white circle by painting the end of a empty toilet paper tube with white paint. Then I sprayed it with some water to blur the outline.  Lastly, I drew a white line using my Signo White Gel Pen around the edges.  I did try to sand the paint to reveal some of the tin foil but the paint started to flake off so I stopped sanding. I'm just not a sander, it seems.

This card was so much fun to make that I've started a similar page in my art journal.  And I bet this would look amazing on some altered art. So, go grab some tin foil, paint and gesso and try this out. There are so many possibilities I think you'll love it.

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