Wednesday, 13 June 2012

12 on June 12th...

Finally.  For the first time since I heard about 12 on the 12th, I was able to play along yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day here and my mom and I took the boys for a walk around Kent's Pond. Incidentally, it's my favorite trail in the city and it did not disappoint yesterday.

Here are my 12 favorite photos from yesterday.

Me & Gabe_12 on June 12

Me and Gabriel.

Me & Mom_12 on June 12

Me and my mom.

Kents Pond ducks_12 on June 12

Momma duck and her babies.

Ben loves ducks_12 on June 12

Ben loved the ducks and kept trying to touch them.

Gabriel_ducks_12 on June 12

Gabriel was all about feeding the ducklings. He called them "the littles".

Snacks on the Pond_12 on June 12

Then we had a snack.

Cherry Blossom_12 on June 12

And when we were walking around the pond, I found a cherry tree in blossom. I love cherry blossoms.

Me and Boys_Treehouse_12 on June 12

Then we played in the treehouse.

Me and Ben_12 on June 12

Ben walking_12 on June 12

Then back to the car.

Ben's supper_ 12 on June 12

When we got home, Ben had supper right away.  I promise there were vegetables. Really and truly. Ben ate them all before I thought to get my camera.

Sleepy Gabriel_ 12 on June 12

Gabriel said he wasn't hungry and flaked on the couch instead.

And that was our June 12.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything with these pics although it would make a cute mini book or collage page.  Regardless, I'm going to have to make a page about Kent's Pond at some point.  The pictures I take when we're there are the best.

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