Friday, 9 October 2015

On finding my voice...

It's been a crazy few weeks. We survived our first bathroom reno and then reorganizing things after said reno. Now, I want to throw out all the clutter and go clean and simple everywhere! We have a list a mile long about things we want to do. It's overwhelming.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I know it's time to art journal. It helps me clear my head and focus. This year, I am making a conscious effort to find my artistic style and voice. There are many artists that I admire and whose work inspires me but I want to make art that feels like me. And that brings me to the art journal I made this week.

This page was very easy to make. It started with a coat of gesso that I spread on my a sheet of paper I tore from my Dylusions journal.When the gesso was dry, I brushed some water onto the page and added drops of India Ink. (Colors used: teal, green, magenta, turquoise and cherry)

I tipped the page around to get the ink to flow and then set it aside to dry.

I repeated the process for each layer - always setting it aside dry in between so the colors did not blend.  As I mentioned last time, I am taking my time making pages. I'm not trying to bang out a page at each sitting. I'm just following the process. It's very interesting.

When all the layers were dry, I was able to fit the paper in my vintage typewriter. To make sure all the ink was dry, I waited overnight. No way am I messing up my typewriter because I'm impatient. Then, I added some journaling about finding my voice.

Finally, I added some black dots and small doodles and some white ink splats.

Maybe finding my voice and my style is more about the journey than the destination. Maybe it's all about listening to your heart and making art that you love. Maybe constantly experimenting and see what happens is my style. There's only one way to find out.

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Summer Vacation Album: Work in Progress

This year, I'm using the We R Memory Keepers 6x12 gold album. I absolutely love how the 6x12" photos look in the album.

The challenge is what to do with all the rest of the pictures. I was cropping with some friends on Saturday and I shared my album and problems with them. They had some great ideas, gave me a pep talk and now I have lots of ideas and notes.

Here's what I have in mind:

1. I am going to resize and reprint photos.  I have too many 4x6s. It's too many of the same size. I think if I vary the sizes it will be more interesting for me to make and share and more interesting to look at.

2. I am going to covert some pics to black and white. We have a lot of dark-ish aquarium photos that would look better as black and white. (Like the ones on the left below.)

I still have a lot to do before this album is finished but thanks to my friends, I feel like I have a plan that has inspired me to keep working on this album. That's something that is important to me. I'll keep you posted on my progress and share updates soon.

This week, we are getting our main bathroom renovated. It's going to be crazy and I won't be blogging as usual but we'll get through it. I'm planning to share pics and updates on Instagram, if you're curious. My handle is cathiereed if you're looking for me.

Wish me luck!


Friday, 18 September 2015

Dare to Be Yourself: Art Journal Page

I am experimenting with my process. In real life, I have better ideas when I have time to think about things. I was wondering what would happen if I gave myself more time to think about things in my art journal. So, I have been working on pages in stages - a layer at a time - to give myself more time.

This page...

...started weeks ago with a layer of interesting paper towel glued to my paper.

Later, I added some cheesecloth and a coat of gesso. The next time I picked up this page (many weeks later), I added some Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylic paints that I watered down with a wet brush to get a watercolor effect.

Finally, I added a bold splash of turquoise India Ink and the word strips.

Here are a few more closeups.

I like to call myself a deliberate artist. I can and do get swept up in the moment and carried away by inspiration but I also need time to think and mull things over. I think this piece is so colorful because I gave myself more time. I'm happy to have figured that out and I am going to work on giving myself a more time with more of my projects.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Make Mine Mixed Media: In Person Class at The Paperie

Today, I'm sharing a page we'll be making in my next class at The Paperie - Make Mine Mixed Media.

Of course, we'll be using some of my favorite mixed media tools and supplies like stencils and modeling paste. I'm obsessed with combining stencils and modeling paste. Lately, I've been having fun mixing and matching them on my pages to create lots of texture.

We'll combine all that texture with some oh-so-lovely scrapbooking supplies....

 To create a page that looks like this.

Making a mixed media page is the perfect way to bring your creative and artistic side onto your pages and into your albums. I hope you'll join me on Saturday, September 26 at The Paperie. Please contact The Paperie for more information.

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Monday, 14 September 2015

and I am Back!

Yes, I am back blogging again after a fabulous family vacation in the Bahamas. It was amazing. I just could not get enough of the sunshine and beaches. I have way too many pictures to edit and print but here are a few that I want to share.

Last week, we were settling back into our school routine. It will take a little more to time to get into the swing of things but it's good to get back to a schedule even if it does involve school lunches. This week, we are renovating our main bathroom. It's the first big reno for the house so wish us luck. Through it all, I will share pics and keeping blogging things like projects from my next class, my Week in the Life and my summer holiday album.

Welcome back and thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, 27 August 2015

It's Vacation Time

It's time for me to formally take a little blogging break and enjoy the very last days of our summer vacation. We have a family trip planned and then it's quickly back to school time. In the meantime, you can find me on Instragram and Twitter. @cathiereed is my handle for both accounts.

I will be back in September rested (hopefully) and full of ideas (definitely).

Here's to enjoying the final days of summer vacation.

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