Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I've Been Thinking About Journaling...

I've been thinking about journaling. Probably because The Paperie's Spring Retreat is in a few days. I've been organizing my supplies, making kits, printing pictures and evaluating projects.

In the process, I found this page.

April 12_1

It's one I made at the last retreat. It has lots of texture, ink splats and lots of dimension.

April 12_3

Yet, I found it in my unfinished pile that I like to call "The Undones".

April 12_2

And I wondered if it was because there was no journaling. I don't remember having a story in mind when I made the page but maybe it needed one to give my picture some context.

April 12_4

I was worried it might "ruin" the page but I did it anyway. I did a rough draft first - I admit it. Then I grabbed my pen and wrote. I figured if I ruined the page, I could just make another a page without journaling.  And do you know what? I love it. I don't think I ruined the page at all. I think it's better for the journaling. I'm glad I did it and I'm going to do more of it. I plan on getting lots of practice this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

My Favorite Way to Use Vellum

I have a thing for vellum. It is one of the supplies that I love to buy and hoard. It always seems too pretty to use. I can barely ever cut into it. If I do, I save all the scraps..just in case.  And then, I made this page...

April 19_1

...and now I am happy to use up the vellum in my stash.  It was easy enough to make. I scattered some wood veneer butterflies across the page.

April 19_3

Then I put foam adhesive behind the photo and laid the vellum over the top. Here's a closeup...

April 19_2

I love how you can see all the layers. How the vellum softens the wood veneer. It makes the page unified. It changes how everything looks. It transforms it. The vellum brings everything together - like glazing.

Here's another page that I made using some more wood veneers with the same techniques.

April 19_5

Here's a peak underneath...

April 19_6

Here's another page...

April 19_7

This is what it looks like under the vellum. It's a combination of wood veneer pieces, brads and chipboard from my stash that I wanted to use.

April 19_8

I guess this is all part of my "Put It All On the Page" philosophy. I like using my stash almost as much as I like finding creative ways to combine it all and pile it all on a page.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Creative Goals 2015 and Pinterest

Back in February, I shared a list of my Creative Goals for 2015. It's a big list and I've had more success with the scrapbooking and art journaling than I have with knitting or baking. That's ok. I have a whole year to learn how to knit socks. There's still time.

To track my progress, I have created a Pinterest board for my scrapbook layouts. I "pin" my 2015 layouts as a post them on my blog. I love having everything collected in a single place. I can easily see them and share them. I think of this Pinterest board as a digital scrapbook. It's a way of preserving and sharing my pages digitally even though I created them using paper and ink and paint.

Here's my page for this week.

You are Made to be Real LO

It's a page I taught in my mixed media scrapbooking class at my LSS, The Paperie.

You are Real_1

I have been experimenting with modeling paste lately. I love how much texture and dimension I can create with modeling paste.

You are Real

I am really excited about The Paperie's Spring Retreat next week. I'm using Pinterest to organizing my inspiration gathering phase.  I am "pinning" inspiring pages, color inspiration charts and sketches. It's part of updating and editing my boards so they are fresh and interesting. Thanks to great WiFi and smartphones, it will be easy to access my Pinterest boards for inspiration during the Retreat.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Put It All On The Page: Enamel Dots

Hi Friends,

I own exactly two packages of enamel dots. It's not because I don't like enamel dots because I do very much. It's because I like to use my enamel dots to make pages like this...

April 13_1

It's all a part of my "Put It All On the Page" Philosophy. Basically, I use everything (or almost everything) in a package on a single page.

April 13_2

I'd rather have a stack full of pages than a bin full of supplies.

April 13_3

There's nothing wrong with organizing supplies and there's nothing wrong with hoarding some of your very favorite favorites. I love to organize my stash and have been known to hoard pretty pieces of paper and the perfect embellishments from time to time. Confession: I have 5 unopened packages of Studio Calico tiny wood veneer stars.

April 13_4

However, I've been scrapping long enough to know that trends will change...

April 13_5

and my tastes will change.

April 13_6

I know that if I don't use my favorite supplies today, I will end up donating them eventually.

April 13_8

That's a good option for old supplies but not nearly as fun or creative as making something with my favorite supplies. Right now. Today, while they're still exciting and new and awesome.

April 13_7

There is something indulgent and extravagant about using up a few packs of enamel dots. The same is true when using a whole package of diecuts or wood veneers. I encourage you to try it. I insist. Even if you only try it once, do it. Even if it's just to have the experience, do it. Even if it's just to try something new or to step outside your comfort zone, do it. If you have more packages than you can store - you should definitely do it.

Supplies are meant to be used, my friends. They are meant to be scattered across your pages and shared with your family and friends. I promise there will be more - more paper, more diecuts, more embellishments, more enamel dots and more beautiful things that have yet to be created. I promise.

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Friday, 10 April 2015

It's All About Glazing

Hello Friends,

Today I'm sharing a page that is all about glazing. Glazing techniques and products have been catching my eye lately. Partly because they are easy to make and use but mainly because I love the look.  Simply mix equal parts glazing medium with color medium and apply to your project to create pages like this...

April 10_1

Oh, the texture...

April 10_2

Lately, I've been favoring the Art Basics Modeling Paste by Finabair for Prima. It's so versatile and has a great consistency. I like to use with stencils and to apply it directly to a page with just a palette knife.

April 10_3

The trick to using modeling pastes with glazes is to make sure your paste is completely dry. Then apply the glaze mixture you created. Let it set for a minute or so and then remove with a baby wipe. As you remove the glaze with your wipe, the color sticks in the paste to reveal the texture. If your modeling paste isn't completely dry, you run the risk of smearing it everywhere when you start removing the glaze. It's not pretty.

April 10_6

But if you wait, you are rewarded with lots of gorgeous texture.

April 10_5

I am absolutely going to keep playing with glazes. Trying new techniques and products is so exciting and fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how I can incorporate them into more of my art journaling. It's something I'm also planning on sharing in my next Art Journal class at The Paperie. Please call the store if you're interested in joining us.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Organizing My Scraps


Yup, I spent about an hour using my scraps to make these...

April 7_1

That's about 12 layout kits - each one totally unique. Each one designed to make one layout. It didn't take long. Maybe an hour. I organized the scraps in little coordinating clusters, added a sheet of background paper (usually watercolor paper) and that's it.

They look like this...

April 7_2

This Layout Kit is inspired by two scraps of this paper.

April 7_3

It's from an old Studio Calico kit. I loved this paper and just couldn't let these scraps go. So happy to put them on another page. I don't have any plans. Yet. But this little kit has the potential to make something like this...

April 7_4

Inspiring, right? Of course, it needs some mixed media magic, photo/s and some embellishments but it has potential. This is so much better than picking through a scrap bin, don't you think? All I have to do is pick a Layout Kit and a photo and go.

Here are some of the other Layout Kits I put together today.

April 7_5

Some Prima papers mixed in with some leftovers from a 6x6 paper pad by Maggie Holmes'.

April 7_6

And how about that Basic Grey hexagon paper from my all time favorite BG collection, Urban Prairie paper..?  Do you recognize it? I've held onto that for a long time.  The other scraps are from the first Vicki Boutin class I attended at The Paperie in maybe 2008..? Yikes! Talk about hoarding.

April 7_7

You can clearly see that the October Afternoon background paper is from 2010. Obviously not the oldest papers in my stash but it's clearly time to use it.

April 7_8

This last one has a couple of options. I can use either pile of scraps or I can combine them together. I liked how they both looked with the mint paper so I decided to leave my options open and see what happens.

These kits are designed to make a single layout but they also bash my stash and motivate my mojo. I'm taking them with me to The Paperie's Spring Retreat the weekend of April 23. I might use them first thing in the morning to get my mojo going or I might save them for the last day when I'm low on time but have some pics I just have to scrap before going home. I'll let you know how it works out when I get back from the Retreat.

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Do you wanna make a layout?

I have a class coming up this Saturday at my LSS The Paperie. We're going to make 2 layouts and it's full of my favorite products. These days I'm in love - big time - with Color Bloom Sprays. I'm still a texture-girl so I am still in love with the Art Basics Modeling Paste by Finnabair especially when used with stencils.

Put these things together with some of my favorite techniques and we can make a layout like this...

The Good Life LO

We'll talk a little about my personal "Put It All on the Page"philosophy.

The Good Life LO_3

 Diecuts look so much better out of the package and on a scrapbook page, don't you think?

The Good Life LO_4

These diecuts by Amy Tangerine are lovely.  I love the touches of gold.

And here are some sneak peeks at the other layout we'll be making.

You are Real_1

Look at all that texture.

You are Real

And that's it for now folks. I hope you can join me. It's going to be a lot of fun. If you're local, please call The Paperie for more information.

Thanks for stopping by!