Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Flip Through My Summer Vacation Album - Part 2

Today, I'm sharing the second half of my 2015 summer vacation album. You can see the first half of my album here. Before I share the rest of the photos, I want to share a couple of tips I used to help me create a cohesive album.

Tip 1. Pick a color scheme. My color scheme was based on a this pack of stickers. It helped me select products and direct my choices on each page. The whole album looks cohesive and consistent because I repeated this color scheme throughout. They are from the Freckled Fawn June 2015 Embellishment Kit.

Tip 2. Use a kit.  If I limit my supplies it's easier for me to make a choice. The less time I spend making choices or digging through my stash to find something, the easier and faster I can scrap.  You can buy a kit or make one from your supplies like I did. I know this is not a new idea but it's one to keep in mind if you're having trouble getting started or finishing a project.

June 15_1

June 15_2

June 15_3

June 15_4

June 15_5

June 15_6

June 15_7

June 15_8

June 15_9

June 15_10

June 15_11

June 15_12

June 15_13

June 15_14

June 15_15

June 15_16

June 15_17

June 15_18

June 15_19

June 15_20

June 15_21

June 15_22

June 15_23

My favourite part of the album are the 6x12" photos. I would love to fill a whole album with 6x12" photos. I think that would make a great book.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my summer album. It was a lot of work but I honestly love making travel albums. The photos are always full of happy people and wonderful memories.

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Mixed Media Monday

"Put It All On The Page" is a personal philosophy for me. I believe it's more fun to use all of my lovely mixed media and scrapbooking supplies than it is to hoard them. For this week's page, I used a little of every single bottle of my Prima Color Bloom spray collection.

June 13_1

The background started with some of Prima's Heavy Body Gel through a stencil. Then I added texture to gel using the Prima texture brushes that I talked about last week.

June 13_2

Then I unscrewed the top of every bottle and sprinkled some ink around my photo.  I kept adding layers and layers of color.

June 13_3

June 13_4

June 13_5

June 13_6

June 13_8

When all of the ink was dry, I added some cheesecloth and pattern paper under my photo. This page was fun and easy to make. It's definitely something I'm going to try again.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Flip Through My Summer Vacation Album - Part 1

Today, I'm sharing a flip through of the album I made about our vacation last summer. We went to the Bahamas and had a great time.

This album is really big so I have split up the photos into two posts. Over the next two weeks, I'll share the whole thing and some tips I discovered along the way that helped me finish this album.

Tip 1. Use whitespace. I love the look of pages that have other elements besides photos. I used ephemera and the bits and pieces you collect on a trip to break things up. You could also dip into your Project Life card collection, like I did, to break up a photo heavy page.

 Tip 2. Edit. You can't use all your photos. Sorry. You just can't. I'm talking mostly to myself here and maybe to those like me who take (and then print) too many photos.  Now, you can use all your photos if you want. It is your album and you're the boss. But me? I can't without the whole thing looking like a cluttered mess.

June 8_1

June 8_2

June 8_3

June 8_4

June 8_5

June 8_6

June 8_7

June 8_8

June 8_9

June 8_10

June 8_11

June 8_12

June 8_13

June 8_14

June 8_15

June 8_16

June 8_17

June 8_18

June 8_19

June 8_20

June 8_21

June 8_22

June 8_23

June 8_24

June 8_25

June 8_25

June 8_27

June 8_28

And that's the first half or so. I know it's a lot to take in so if you have any questions about products used, please leave a note in the comments.

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