Friday, 24 October 2014

Book Page Poetry: An Experiment

Hello Friends,

Today, I'm sharing my first attempt at book page poetry.  I love using book paper in my art journals. I usually collage them into backgrounds like this.

Art Journal Layering class

I also use them with my Gelli Plate, as you may have noticed in last week's post.

I wanted to do something different with book pages so I tried book page poetry. The art of making poetry by using only the words you find on a page from a book. I've been using Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms.

First, I created an abstract background.

Oct 24_Pic 1

I started with Dina Wakley Mixed Media Heavy Body Paints. I applied Blackberry Violet, Sky an Turquoise and Ruby with a palette knife.

Oct 24_Pic 3

Then I stamped all over the page with the Tim Holtz Mixed Media stamp set. Just because.

Oct 24_Pic 5

Then I added some scribbles a la Jane Davies.

Oct 24_pic 2

Then I added my words. It was fun but not easy to make something that made sense.  I cut phrases and words that spoke to me and then tried to put them together in a way that felt right to me.

Oct 24_Pic 6

As always, my perfectionist self wanted to find the perfect words. I'm not sure I did but I'm pushing back against the expectation of perfection on the first try. After all, this is an experiment. Trying something new is usually uncomfortable. The more often we try new things, the more comfortable we become with that uncomfortable feeling, right?

So, have you tried book page poetry? Do you have any tips, tricks or ideas to share? Do you have a favorite book page poet? If yes, please leave a note in the comments. I'm looking for ideas and inspiration and would appreciate your help.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Summer Mini Album: Part 3

Hello again!

I'm sharing the last of the pages from my Summer Mini Album. (Here is part 1 and here is part 2.)

Our trip was winding down but we still had lots to do.

Oct 22_Pic 2

We promised Gabriel a trip to an amusement park while on vacation. So, we all went off to Parc Asterix for the day. It was a beautiful day and we had fun. Gabriel and Nathaniel were disappointed they weren't big enough to ride the big roller coasters. 

Oct 22_Pic 3

Then we took a second trip to Paris to visit the Louvre.

Oct 22_Pic 4

I could have stayed there all day.

Oct 22_Pic 5

Of course, the boys didn't feel the same. To be fair, it's very overwhelming - there was/is so much to see,  there were lots of people and it was warm. I did manage to get this family selfie in the Louvre before we left.

Oct 22_Pic 6

The next day we went to Provins. We were only there for an afternoon but it was such fun.

Oct 22_Pic 7

We went there to see the medieval wall around the town and to see the medieval knight show.

Oct 22_Pic 8

It was so much over the top fun. It had knights and princesses and tricks on horses and villains.  It was great.

Oct 22_Pic 9

Before we left, Kiersten celebrated her 4th birthday. Ben and Kiersten became great friends during this trip. I want my kids to know their cousins and that's why we travel to see family so often. 

Then, we left France and headed home. On the way, we stopped in London.

Oct 22_Pic 10

And we took the boys to Hamley's toy store. It's 5 floors of toys and it is amazing.  Ben was delighted to find a giant Thomas...

Oct 22_PIc 11

and a giant Percy. That is heaven for my three year-old.

Oct 22_Pic 12

The morning we headed home, we walked to Hyde Park to play in the sunshine and that's where our amazing wonderful, family trip ends.

The last part of any mini album is about perseverance. There's a plan and there's a process but it's easy to get bored. It's easy to put a half finished album aside thinking we'll take a break and come back to it later. Here's the trick...Don't do that. Stick it out and finish it off.  Then share it with your family. Pick it up and flip through it again and again. Enjoy it.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to look at my album.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Summer Mini Album: Part 2

Hello Friends!

I'm sharing some more pages from my Summer Mini Album. By this point in the album, my system is established and working fine. I used 3x4 Project Life grid card stamped with the date, 4x4 page protectors and photos and embellishments from my stash.  It was just enough structure to keep me going but plenty of freedom for creative play.

Oct 21_Pic 1

Left: Random staircase along the Seine. You can see a page I made about this staircase, here.

Oct 21_Pic 2

Sam and I were big fans of the farmer's markets and bakeries in France - especially Sam. Each time he left the house, he returned with at least 2 baguettes. It was fun to watch him enjoying himself so much.

Left: Me and Sam outside the bakery on market day. Right: Pics of potatoes and beets, Studio Calico wood veneer geotags and ampersand from Maya Road.

Oct 21_Pic 3

Here's the back side of that page. I took pictures of things that were unique to France but a part of our everyday in France like the Badoit. (sparkling water) and the front page of the newspaper which I snapped when we went to the Monoprix for supplies.

Oct 21_Pic 4

Here's the journaling for our trip to Paris.

Oct 21_Pic 5

We did not have enough time in Paris. The city is just so big with so many people. Even though I'm a country girl through and through, I have to visit Paris again.

Right: My first selfie in Paris.

Oct 21_Pic 6

We made two trips into Paris. The first was to visit the Eiffel Tower. I wanted the boys to see it and stand on it. It was quite the pilgrimmage but we made it.

Left:The Eiffel Tower. Right: Nathaniel (my nephew) and Gabriel in the underground.

Oct 21_Pic 7

The view of Paris from the Eiffel tour...*sigh*

Oct 21_Pic 8

Left: This little sweetie is our niece, Kiersten. Right: Journaling card with our plans for the following week.

Oct 21_Pic 9

It took us a day to recover from Paris. The kids were tired from the all that walking, Michelle and Nathaniel got sick and it rained. We went to the market in the morning and spent the rest of the day napping.

Left: The chipboard flower is from the Market Street collection, Nob Hill, by My Mind's Eye.

Oct 21_Pic 10

Left: Looking out of Michelle's kitchen into the courtyard to find Oliver looking back at me.

Oct 21_Pic 11

While the sick rested, the rest of us went to Chateau Fontainebleau. It's so beautiful there. Later in the afternoon, my brother-in-law dropped me at Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte while he went to the office. It's so surreal that he passes two castles on his way to work. Vaux Le Vicomte did not disappoint. I had a great time toodling around and taking pictures of everything.

Oct 21_Pic 13

And that's it for another day. I have one more set of pages to share, so do come back tomorrow and see how we finished our trip.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Summer Mini Album: Part 1

Hello Friends!

Today I am sharing my summer mini album. This summer we went to France to visit my sister and her family and it was A trip that was absolutely worthy of the goregeous We R Memory Keepers 4x4 gold album.

Oct 20_Pic 1

Isn't it lovely? The chipboard piece is from My Mind's Eye Market Street Nob Hill collection.

Oct 20_Pic 2

I was pleasantly surprised with how many pages I could fit in the album. There's room for everything and yet it's not too heavy or overwhelming because of the 4x4 size. I love it!

Oct 20_Pic 3

My friend, Cathy Caines, gave me this little Eiffel Tower chipboard sticker and I stamped on it using my favorite Hero Arts Friend Definition stamp. I used that stamp a lot in this album.

Oct 20_Pic 4

I'm not sure which collection this Project Life card is from but it's perfect for my album. I found 2 in my stash filled them in as we went so I didn't forget anything.

Oct 20_Pic 5

I prepped the album before we left.  I started with the 4x4 page protectors and counted out one for each day of our trip. Then I stamped the date on a 3x4 Project Life grid card and stapled it to each page protector. This made it really easy to journal during our trip.

Oct 20_Pic 6

When we got home, I printed pictures and added embellishments.

Oct 20_Pic 7

Our first stop was New York City. We had a 7 hour layover which was enough for some fab pizza and a little sightseeing but definitely not enough time to really see the city.

Oct 20_Pic 8

Then on to France.

Oct 20_Pic 9

I took almost 1000 photos on this trip - for reals! France is so photogenic it was hard to choose pictures.

I didn't put pictures behind the journaling cards so I used squares of patterned paper from Basic Grey's Persimmon collection. I had the 6x6 pad and used almost the whole thing in this album.

Oct 20_Pic 10

And sometimes I just used photos for the whole page.

Left: Nathaniel and Ben. Right: Antiquing in the rain with my sister.

Oct 20_Pic 11

 Mini albums are a great opportunity to use up supplies. I had lots of the Prima wood veneer globes when I started but not anymore. I used them all in this album.

Left: Maple - 4 months old. She is such a sweetie.

Oct 20_Pic 12

Our first big trip was to visit Versailles. Oh. My. Word. It was amazing. I would happily go back right now. This is the first page with the grid page protector. I didn't use them a whole lot but they are a great way to add ephemera to a project.

Left: A snack break in Versailles. Right: The golden gates and me walking around in my gold Sperrys.

Oct 20_Pic 14

Here is the flip side of the page protector. I love how the camera paperclip and the globe work on either side.

Right: Me and Ben in front of a random set of gold doors.

Oct 20_Pic 16

To add some variety, I opted to add pattern paper pages in with all the page protectors. The paper from the page on the left is from Basic Grey's Persimmon line. I stamped on it with the Hero Arts Friends Definition stamp and embellished on top.

Left: The boys making faces in front of the fireplace in the Hercules room. Right: Me and Miss K and Michelle in the courtyard.

Oct 20_Pic 17

Some more pattern paper pages using the Persimmon collection (left) and Studio Calico Printshop (right). I chose papers based on the motifs I noticed in the chateaus we visited namely: flowers, gold and stars,

Right: A selfie in the Le Grande Gallerie also known as the Hall of Mirrors.

And that's it for today. I still have plenty of pictures to share so I hope you'll stop back tomorrow for Part 2 of my Summer Mini Album.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

What to do My With Gelli Prints?

I love my gelli plate by Gelli Arts. I've used it to make pages like this...

Oct 17_6

and alter book paper like this...

Oct 17_2

I've even thrown a Project Life card or two on my gelli plate - just for fun.

Oct 17_3

Which leads to a pile of gelli plate prints that looks like this...

Oct 17_1

It seems that it's easier to make gelli plate prints than it is to use them - at least for me.

So, I have a new art journaling project. I'm challenging myself to use my prints in my art journaling, in my home decor and beyond. I hope you'll help by sharing ideas and keeping me accountable.

 This month, I'm framing and displaying one of my favorite prints.

Oct 17_8

I just love it and I can hardly wait to hang it in my home. I don't know why I haven't done it sooner.

So,  "What do you do with your gelli plate prints?"  Do you bind them in books? Frame them and hang them? Use them in collage? Use them in scrapbooks? Throw them out? *gasp* Please share your favorite ideas in the comments. I would love some extra inspiration.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Put It All On the Page: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends!

I'm back today with a quick sneak peek of the second page we are making in my Put It All On the Page Class at The Paperie this Saturday, Oct 18.

Here is another look at the first page we will make.

Put it All on the Page_1

And here are a few sneaks of the second page.

Oct 15_Pic 5

That background paper is one of my favorites. I don't know about you but I'm not over mint/aqua yet!

Oct 15_Pic 4

Yes, this page is all about using wood veneers - all the wood veneers.

Oct 15_Pic 3

We all have containers full of wood veneers. They are too easy to hoard. In the class, I'm going to show you that they make quite an impact when you put them all (yes, all) on a page.

I hope you'll join us. Please call The Paperie for more information or to reserve your seat.

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