Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dec 1: December Daily 2014

It's time for December Daily.

Perhaps you've heard of it. It's a project that's a quite a lot of awesome with a little bit "What have I done?"

Usually, I have supplies pulled and foundation pages started long before Dec. 1. This year, there's a lot less prep and lot more improv. I'm not worried though. I know that as long as I take pictures and journal it will ok to put it all together later.

I don't have any prepped pages or baskets of supplies arranged to share but I do have a plan. I'm going capture one story a day, using the Simple Stories Sn@p album system and the Freckled Fawn Very Merry Embellishment kit. ps: I love that kit!

So, here's our December 1.

Dec 1_2

The journaling reads: Today is all about traditions - a huge part of the season and beginnings. We've been playing Christmas music for a while and reading Christmas stories at bedtime. And more than a few decorations have crept upstairs. In spite of all these signs, the official start of Christmas (for me) is Dec. 1. Now, we can really start the celebration with advent calendar treats and our Elf on the Shelf (Thomas-Luigi) returned.

Dec 1_3

The paper is by Prima and the gold number 1 is from the Freckled Fawn kit that I embossed with gold embossing powder. I also dipped the edges of my journaling cards in Versa Mark ink and then more gold embossing powder a la Kristina Werner for a little something special.

Dec 1_4

I printed my photos in black and white because the morning light in my kitchen is the worst. Fortunately, a few clicks in PSE 10 and you would never know there was a problem.

And that's my 2014 December Daily started. That's pretty exciting, isn't it? I will definitely share more pics and updates here on my blog so make sure to follow along.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Build a Bunch of Backgrounds

Good morning, Friends!

I want to talk a little today about a class I'm teaching at The Paperie on Saturday, December 13 called Build a Bunch of Backgrounds.  Like almost every art journaler, I rarely throw out a good background. You might need one to make a page like this...

Nov 26_1

This background is a leftover I made for my mixed media watercolor class in September. I loved it and knew I would use it someday. Having extra mixed media backgrounds in your stash is a good thing. Why?

1. No fuss. Having this background on hand, made it quick and easy to make a lovely mixed media scrapbook page in no time.

Nov 26_2

2.  No muss. Ok, the making part was a bit messy but by the time I used this page, weeks and weeks later, everything was bone dry and mess free.

Nov 26_3

3. Using your art. I love making art and then using it and sharing it. Anything that makes that process easier is win-win in my books.

 Nov 26_4

Please note, we won't be making this exact page in class but stay tuned because I have lots of sneak peeks planned. I hope you'll join me at The Paperie in a few weeks to build a bunch of your own backgrounds. For more information, please contact The Paperie.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Card Conundrum

So...are you making any Christmas cards this year?

I'm still trying to decide and here's my problem. I think this scrapbook page...

Nov 24_1

...is a great starting place for some Christmas cards. It would be easy enough to do.

First, I need to alter the background paper that I cut into strips.

1. Spread some Prima 3D Matte Gel through a stencil on some patterned paper. Set aside to dry or dry with a heat gun.

2. When dry, add a coat of gesso. Set aside to dry or dry with a heat gun.

Nov 24_2

3. Cut the paper into different sized strips and start adhering to background paper. I used 140 lb Canson watercolor paper and Soft Gel from the Prima Art Basics Line by Finnabair.

4. Spritz with spray ink. I used the Prima Color Bloom sprays in Glistening Waves.

Nov 24_6

5. Add splashes of India ink and Studio Calico Mister Huey.

Nov 24_7

6. Then embellish...

Nov 24_4

...and embellish a little more. You can see a little of the Art Extravagance Crackle Paste (clear), I used to make this page in this pic. It's a beautiful effect but takes a while to dry so I may or may not use this step when making cards.

NOV 24_3

Sounds easy enough, right?

I don't make hundreds of cards to send through the mail but I do like to make some - it's a nice way to share my art. So, maybe I will make some cards this year after all. Now that I have a plan, it seems a shame to waste it.

So, what about you? Are you making cards this year? Have you tried to make mixed media cards? Leave a link in the comments if you've shared them online - I'd love to see what you've made.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Doodles in My Art Journal: A Class Recap

Hello Friends,

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have an art journaling class scheduled for next week. You can find out more by reading this post or contactingThe Paperie.

Today, I want to share a recap of last month's class which was all about doodling.  There are as many ways to doodle as you can possibly imagine. Some of my favorite doodlers are: Alisa Burke, Joanne Sharpe and Traci Bautista. Traci has a wonderful book called Doodles Unleashed

 I have learned a lot by taking their online classes and reading their books but it wasn't until I really practiced doodling that I finally found my doodle. It looks something like this...

Nov 21_5

and like this...

Nov 21_4

I call it a swirly-doo. For my class last month, I experimented with mixing stamps and my swirly-doo and came up with this doodle...

Nov 21_1

I used a girl from Dina Wakley's Scribbly Girls set and doodled her some hair. Most everyone in class commented on her similarity to Medusa.  I used only one pen, my favorite, the Sakura Pigma Micron. I used the .01 nib but I have many different sizes of this pen. It is just the loveliest black and great for doodles.

I also created this girl to share with the class...

Nov 21_7

This time, I used a stamp from Face in the Crowd  set again by Dina Wakley and doodled a dress for her. I'm not much of a stamper but this worked for me.

Here are some closeups...

Nov 21_8

I used a bunch of pens and markers in my doodle pen basket - mostly Sharpies and Tombows - and doodled as many flowers as would fit.

Nov 21_9

I mixed colors, traced in black, added dots and used lots of different nib sizes but I kept my doodles very similar. It's a great way to add order to a colorful or busy page.

Nov 21_10

I feel like I have finally figured out my doodle-style and that feels pretty good. I'm still learning and experimenting and practicing.  There is so much great inspiration out there, how about sharing who your favorite doodlers are in the comments? I love discovering new artists and new inspiration.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

FIx My Page!: Upcoming Class

Hello, hello!

It's almost time for another art journal class at The Paperie. Next Thursday, we're tackling the big question of how to fix a page.

We all have art journal pages that have gone out of control - either wildly or mildly - and this month we're going to try to save a page or two. I have a few conventional and unconventional ideas on how to approach the problem of a "broken" page.

Here's an example of one of my "fixed" art journal pages.

Nov 19_1

It took a lot of layers and working through the uglies...

Nov 19_4

...and I end up a million miles away from where I started but I couldn't be happier with how this page turned out.

A broken page is an opportunity to be fearless in your art journal because if your page is already ugly or broken what have you got to lose by adding one more layer?

I hope you can join us. For more information, please contact The Paperie.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Do we absolutely always need to journal on a layout?

Hi Friends,

I have been thinking about journaling lately. Largely inspired by this stack of layouts that I made at The Paperie's Fall Retreat.

Nov 17_6

Each one makes me happy and I had so much fun making them. I used some of my favorite new products -  the Prima Color Bloom Sprays and products from Finnabair's line by Prima. I also used wood veneers and diecuts, vellum and enamel dots - my scrapping staples.

I always wait until I get home to journal. Well, I'm home and unpacked and that means it's time to break out my favorite pen because these pages need journaling.

Or do they?
Take this page, for example...

Nov 17_1

It's a cute picture of Gabriel trying to make a snow angel in a few centimeters of snow. Funny, right?  I want to add the date the pic was taken and Gabriel's name - just in case - but that's it. My title provides all the journaling I need to tell the story.

Nov 17_5

The story seems obvious - just by looking at the picture you can see a little boy excited about the first snowfall even though there isn't enough snow to play in.

Do I need to write that out? Maybe but I'm choosing not to.

I think a page without journaling is a nice break for whoever is looking through my scrapbooks. It's a page where their eye can rest before moving onto the next page.

Nov 17_2

We scrapbookers know that journaling is important but no one is showing up to judge our pages and how well we tell our story. Dina Wakley says, "done is better than perfect" and I completely agree.

Do you?

I'd love to know what you think about journaling. Do you write it all out or do you skip it completely? And what about this page, do you think I should add journaling? Let me know in the comments.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Ghost of My Christmas Plans Past

Yes, it feels a little early to mention Christmas. I mean, we're not even half-way through November and around here there are bags of Halloween candy yet to be eaten.

But, if you're crafty then it's time to get started because once we get into December, well... we're all too busy to justify making anything crafty for ourselves if we can even find the time to make anything at all.

So, I'm taking a lesson from the Ghost of My Christmas Plans Past. You know what I'm talking about...those projects we pinned and planned but never ever made because Christmas is the most wonderful (aka busiest) time of the year. That lesson is to make the crafts now, long before Christmas arrives.

First up, these ornaments I made for an upcoming class called Holiday Hoopla. It's a daylong class hosted by The Paperie on Saturday, Decmeber 6.

Nov 12_1

These ornaments are fun and surprisingly simple to make.  I think everyone will be surprised and little bit glittery, of course.

Nov 12_2

Here's a closeup of their glittery loveliness. 

Holiday Hoopla is always a lot of fun. It's a whole day making crafts with crafty friends. How could that be bad? This year, there are 6 instructors and we are each making a different Christmas ornament. If you're local, you can find all the information about Holiday Hoopla here or you can call The Paperie to book your seat.

I have a big Christmas crafty plan that requires more than a few of these little trees. I'm going to make a bunch a create a new advent calendar. I'll let you know how it goes.

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