Monday, 25 May 2015

Week in the Life 2014:Monday

I did it! I finished my Week in the Life album at The Paperie's Spring Retreat a few weeks ago. Yay!

This week, I'm going to share the whole thing one day at a time. It's going to be a whole week of daily blog posts. There is just too much for one post about this project.

The story of Week in the Life 2014 begins with a bit poor planning on my part. This year, I knew I would use a We R Memory Keepers 4x4 album but I did not think about how many page protectors I would need. And not thinking means I didn't order my supplies before Week in the Life started. By the way, that was Bad Idea #1.

I hoped the page protectors would get here by the end of week but no...they were back ordered!

I had all the pictures printed to fit a 4x4 album. That was Bad Idea #2 because I couldn't change my mind and pick another album size without wasting all those pictures.

No problem. I decided to improvise and just use what I had on hand. That was Bad Idea #3.

I tried to make the album work but it was just awful. I decided to put it aside and wait for my supplies to arrive and I am so glad I made that decision. I am very happy with this album and I love the 4x4 size. Let's take a look at how Monday turned out.

WITL 2014_Mon 1

WITL 2014_Mon 2

One of the things I love about Week in the Life is the opportunity to take pictures of the things I see every day and do something with them. This is the view from my front deck. I see it every day when I see Gabriel and Sam off to school and work.

The We R Memory Keepers 4x4 albums come with these 2x2 divided page protectors. This is one of the ways, I used them in my Week in the Life album.

Here's the flip side of that page.

WITL 2014_Mon 3

You may have heard me talk about the poor lighting in my living room at the beginning and end of the day. It drives me crazy but a lot of our life happens there. When I have poorly lit pics that I want to use, I convert them to black and white.

WITL 2014_Mon 4

WITL 2014_Mon 6

WITL 2014_Mon 7

WITL 2014_Mon 8

The hashtag Thicker was one of my favorite finds for this album.

WITL 2014_Mon 10

I loved it so much, I used it again. I would have repeated it more often in my album but the Thickers only had a few hashtags. I would love to find a hashtag stamp that I could use more often in my pocket scrapping. I think it's a fun way to add a piece of popular culture to my album.

WITL 2014_Mon 11

And here's another divided page protector. This is a different tree that I see everyday of the year. It's just outside one of my living room windows.

And that was Monday. You'll see a lot of things that I started here pop up again and again in my album. Partly because I like to use the things I like and partly because that's just good design.

I hope you'll stop by tomorrow and throughout the week to see how the rest of my album turned out.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Making Time to Make Something

Today, I just had to make to something. I wanted to put on my apron, get paint on my fingers, play with color and make something. Something that ended up looking like this...

May 22_1

It started with these feather cut outs. I made book paper feathers a while ago and just couldn't part with the off-cuts. I collaged them onto an art journal page and today I decided to add the paint.

May 22_2

And then, just because I'm interested in collage these day, I added some other layers - scraps, shipping tags. That kind of thing.

May 22_3

My paint of choice these days is Dina Wakley's Heavy Body Paint.  Her line has 16 colors and 4 of those are blue! How could it not be my favorite line? I rolled on some Blackberry, Turquoise, Lapis and Magenta with my brayer and was delighted with all the texture that appeared.

May 22_4

The piece was getting too dark so I added a layer of Dina's white paint and then removed it with a baby wipe and that was exactly what I was looking for. Just look!

May 22_6

Then I added some splashes of Hero Arts Neon Daubers. I just can't seem to resist them these days.

May 22_7

Finally, I put a sheet of scrap paper in my vintage typewriter and wrote a note. A little reminder to play and have fun.

May 22_8

Good times, people. Good times.

May 22_9

This page took less than 30 mins to make. It probably took less than 25 mins. I had to make the time to make something. That means the laundry went unfolded today. It's still sitting in a basket waiting. That's ok. It's just laundry. It will be there tomorrow waiting...always waiting.

I have noticed that I often put off making art or scrapbooking when I want to because I have to ...(insert something I think is really important here). In reality, the thing I think I "have" to do is often not that important at all. It's certainly not more important than what I want to do.  For me, the really important stuff will get done. But really, is "tidy the toy room" or "organize the toy bins" as important as making sure there is food in the house. No, it's not and it's certainly not more important than making an art journal page even if I often act like it is.

So, here's to making the time to make something and here's to making that happen more often.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

All Done: December Daily 2014 Part 2

Today, I am sharing the second half of my December Daily album.

The second half of this album is harder to finish - at least for me. It's harder to stay focused and interested and excited.

That's why I like to have a plan. It's the trick to finishing a big project like December Daily.  My plan is pretty simple: put pictures in pockets, fill in the gaps with pattern paper, add journaling and embellish.

I just have to stick with the plan.

DD May 18_14

"The Plan" helps me bring stories and ephemera together - like the notes I left in the boys' advent calendars.

I love advent calendars - I loved having them as a kid and I love sharing this tradition with my kids. This year, I tried some new ideas and I wanted to record it. Instead of 25 days of candy, I added notes that let them stay up past bedtime or have extra electronics time.  Some treats were extra special - way too big to fit in it the calendar so I hid them. I put clues in the calendar that would help the boys find these special treats.

I knew that I wanted to tell that story so I kept the notes in empty pockets in my December Daily album. I have found that putting things in the empty pocket pages in the album for my project is a great way to store ephemera until I'm ready to use it.

DD May 20_1

I'm also a big fan of task batching when I'm working on a big project. I find that putting all the photos in pockets at once, writing all the journaling at one time, embellishing all at once - it's easier and faster to focus on one task at a time. It's the only way I can put it all in there and get it finished.

DD May 20_2

I put in cards that Ben made - like the one with the train.

DD May 20_3

I punch holes in Christmas cards so I can add them to the album.

By the way, the best punch for adding ephemera to albums is the We R Memory Keepers Power Punch.  It punches through just about everything. I like the 1/4" but it comes in other sizes.

DD May 20_4

Yep, I put it all in there. On a day when I didn't have pictures or a story to tell, I added To-Do lists.

DD May 20_5

DD May 20_6

DD May 20_7

DD May 20_8

I did manage to get some of my mixed media art into my December Daily. I made this tag for The Paperie's blog and put it in. Just because.

DD May 20_9

DD May 20_10

DD May 20_11

Of course, I had to note that this was our first Christmas without Mac. She's been gone a year now but I still miss her. I will always think of her at Christmas. Years ago, I bought an ornament with her name on it. I still put it on the tree. I think I always will.

DD May 20_12

DD May 20_13

DD May 20_14

And there it is...done!

I am always telling my scrappy friends how great it is to have December Daily albums and I am always encouraging them to try it. A December Daily album is an amazing thing but you don't have to finish it. Having just the journaling or just the photos to look back on would be amazing. At least, I think so.

Right now, I'm happy to put it away. December will be here soon enough and then I'll be happy to take it out and enjoy it.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

All Done: December Daily 2014 Part 1

One of my Creative Goals for 2015 was to finish my 2014 December Daily. I finished it at The Paperie's Spring Retreat a few weeks ago.

I started putting my album together in December and decided to make a mixed media album. My plan was 25 mixed media pages during one of the busiest months of the year.

Big mistake.

Instead of reveling in creative goodness, I was bogged down and overwhelmed. I got carried away with an idea when what I really wanted was a finished album.

So, I abandoned the idea of making every page a "work of art". I picked up my pocket pages and it all came together for me. First, I put all my pics and ephemera in the pockets. I had taken pics and notes during December so I knew what went where. Then I filled in any gaps with pattern paper and added my journaling. It took a whole day - like 12-14 hours but I am so. so. happy it is done.

Here's a look at the first half of my album. You can click on any of the pictures to see closeups.

DD May 18_1

DD May 18_2

DD May 18_3

DD May 18_4

DD May 18_5

DD May 18_6

DD May 18_7

DD May 18_8

DD May 18_9

DD May 18_10

DD May 18_11

DD May 18_12

DD May 18_13

DD May 18_14

Most of the supplies come from the Freckled Fawn Very Merry Embellishment kit. Anything else, like pattern paper or washi tape, came from my stash. Actually, some of the washi tape came from my stash and some from my friend, Wendy's stash.

Please check back on Wednesday. I'm going to share the second half of my December Daily.

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Still Art Journalin'

At the beginning of the year, I set myself the challenge to make an art journal page a week.

I have wildly ignored that plan and have absolutely no intention to get "back on track". Art journaling is not about "plans" or "planning". At least, not in my world. Nope art journaling is about  playing and experimenting. It is about doing.

And that brings me to this page.

May 15_1

I was working with a glaze in my favorite color - Dina Wakley's Turquoise - when Ben handed me this red tag that he had made. So, I used it and some of my other favorite things.

May 15_4

Favorite things like thread and cheesecloth...

May 15_5

and drywall tape with round holes...

May 15_6

and Hero Arts Neon Daubers.

May 15_3

Yes, all my favorite things all layered up together. It's a loose and easy experiment in collage. 

May 15_2

It was a chance to follow the unexpected - the tag made by Ben - and see what would happen if I used it. And what did happen? Well, I had fun and Ben was so happy I used the tag. The whole thing from start to finish was joyful.

May 15_7

Yes, I'm still art journalin'. How could I stop?

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