Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Keeping Track of Life: Looking Back at September 2015 Pages

Lately, I have been sharing the pages that are a part of my yearlong album, Keeping Track of Life or KTOL. It's an album that I am making in a class that I take at my local store - The Paperie. The class is taught by my friend, Krista. In this class, we get together each month and make a layout and a set of pocket pages for a month's worth of photos. I've fallen behind (I usually do in this class) and I'm playing catch-up. While I wait for some supplies to arrive, I am sharing some pages from my 2015 Keeping Track of Life album.

Last week, I shared the August spread from my 2015 Keeping Track of Life album and wrote about how I love looking back at this album. It is a wonderful thing to see how our family life looked back then. Of course, I flipped through the whole album and the pages from my September spread caught my eye.

We spent some time in the Bahamas last September. It was a fabulous family vacation and one that my kids still talk about. Here's a look at the spread.

September 28_1

September 28_2

And here's a look at the layouts we made in class. It is supposed to be a 2-page spread but I broke mine up and placed the two layouts back to back in a single page protector.

September 28_4

September 28_3

There's nothing fancy about these pages because I made a 6x12" album about this trip.  I shared photos of this album in the two blog posts - Bahamas Album Part 1 and Bahamas Album Part 2. - earlier this year. It has all the details and stories and ephemera of a truly great family trip. But I wondered what else happened in September last year.

Turns out, quite a lot happened. We remodeled our upstairs bathroom, Gabe lost his first tooth and Ben started a new pre-school. You wouldn't know it though because none of that is in the album. I guess I was still excited about the trip when I made this spread and didn't even think about these other details but I missed finding those stories when I looked at the album. Luckily, I took lots of pictures and they are organized on my laptop so adding them to this album won't be a big deal. 

I don't know if you go back and look at your older albums but it's something that's I encourage you to do. Don't worry about changing things around or adding more layouts - just enjoy them. Making a scrapbook album is fun -absolutely - but looking back is fun, too. I promise.


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