Monday, 29 June 2015

Around Here: June Edition

The end of June is almost here and I have been looking at this month's photos. I want to have a look and see what I have before I start scrapping them. I like to get an idea of how many pics I have to work with and what kind of stories I want to tell.

Here's what I have so far...

June 29_1
Sports Day

June 29_2
The best Thai food in town.

June 29_12
My guys.
June 29_3
International Donut Day

June 29_4
World Ocean's Day
June 29_5
I double-dog-dared Gabriel to touch the star-fish.

June 29_6

June 29_7
Blue skies - hooray!
June 29_8
Signal Hill

June 29_9

June 29_10

June 29_11
Last day of school.

June 29_13
Visit to the library.

June 29_14
To the playground...

We had some good eats, we played outside, went to the library and held a starfish. Now I need to decide how I'm going to put it all together. Will I group by event? Or maybe I should group by activity - like "here's what we ate this month." I'm not sure. Anyway, that's what our June looked like. I did notice that I'm missing my selfie with the boys. I like to have that in there each month.

Now, I just need to get these printed and into an album.


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