Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I Wonder...

I like to work on lots of different projects at a time. Waiting for things to dry on their own is borrrrrrinng.  I could use my heat gun but I'd rather be painting.

The best and easiest way for me to enjoy my creative time is to work on many pages at a time until piece ends up done.

June 30_1

 I usually don't have a plan when I start making something, I'm just playing around with supplies or techniques. I like to start with the question, "I wonder what would happen if I..." And because I wonder a lot, I repeat that question over and over.

June 30_3

This page started with the question, "I wonder what would happen if I glued these strips of paper onto a page?" I used plain strips of watercolor paper that were leftover from other projects. I glued them onto the page and cut away the excess and added a coat of gesso.

June 30_2

Then I wondered what would happen if I layered some modeling paste on top of the page. You can see that I repeated this step - layering the stencil on top of itself when the first layer was dry.

June 30_4

Then it was many layers of Dina Wakley Media, heavy body paints in various shades of blue: sky, turquoise, night and blackberry violet (which isn't blue but goes really well with blue).

June 30_5

Then I tried my new favorite trick of running my brayer over everything with a coat of white paint. This is so much fun to do and I like how it looks - win, win!

June 30_6

And there you have it! I can't say how many layers or how long it took to make this page because that's not what this page is about. It's about being curious, asking questions and making art.

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