Friday, 10 May 2013

A Retirement Party for my Art Journal

I have reached the end of my first Dylusions art journal. I can't say it's finished because  I never consider my art journals "finished". There's always one more thing I could do or a tweak I could try. But I'm all out of blank pages so I'm retiring it. Today, I'm t sharing the good times I've had with my Dylusions Art Journal #1.

This one about coffee is one of my favorites.


I love this one with letter stickers, too.


I stuck a bunch of old letter stickers on the page. Covered everything in gesso, painted the whole thing blue and then added some drips for good measure.

Here's a closeup.


Here's another page with letter sticker leftovers.


And my favorite stencil, of course, Blazonry by Balzer Designs. I used it a lot in this journal...


Here's another of my favorites.


I played around with silhouette stencils.


This one looks like a superhero to me.


I photocopied photos (which I like quite a lot).


And covered a whole spread in tape.


And also stuck in a piece of wax paper that I had used as I made the journal as drop cloth to contain the mess.


All in all, I had a wonderful time. I've already moved on to Dylusions Art Journal #2 and I'm having a blast. I may go back and add more to DAJ #1 but probably not. Art journaling is about moving forward for me. I want to learn and try new things and for that I need blank pages. The blank page doesn't scare me. 

So, thank you Dylusions Art Journal #1. You were and still are awesome.

Thanks for stopping by!