Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mixed Media Scrapbooking

Last week, I shared this page.

Time for a Selfie

I was pretty excited that I had made a page without blue and it's similar to a page I will be teaching at my next class at The Paperie. The class is called 7 Layer Layouts and it's all about combining mixed media techniques with scrapbooking supplies to get layered pages. In class, we're going to make 2 scrapbook pages and each page will have at least 7 layers. That might sound like a lot but I promise it won't be overwhelming.

Today, I'm sharing another page I made while working on the concept for this class. This one also has 7 layers but not the same 7 as the previous page.

7 Layer LO

 We won't be making this page but one very much like it. I will share some pictures of the projects we'll be making as soon as all the supplies arrive at The Paperie. In the meantime, keep your eyes  on my Twitter account (@cathiereed) because that's where I'll be sharing sneak peeks of my class projects.

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  1. Love them Cathie! And I see the blue is back! :)

  2. Thanks, Sara. I can't stay away from blue for too long. That would be like giving up coffee. Just can't do it! : )

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