Friday, 23 November 2012

Art Journal Everyday: Dylusions flowers

Do you remember back in the Spring when the Dylusions Ink Sprays started hitting store shelves?

I do. I was attending The Paperie's Spring Retreat and was delighted to get my hands on some of those lovely colors.  My friend, Sara, bought the whole line and we happily spritzed all the colors into my art journal to see what they looked like in real life. I ended up with some pages that looked like this...

AJED_Nov 22_close up

But with a few doodles and some random journaling, I now have a page that looks like this.

AJED_Nov 22

I know it's nothing fancy but I like how these doodles flowers turned out. And that's the beauty of an art journal, my friends. If I had sprayed those beautiful mists onto a scrap paper I would have thrown away that scrap of paper ages ago. But because I sprayed in my art journal I had a background just waiting to be used.

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  1. Replies
    1. I couldn't agree more about the art journal feeling. It frees me to do things I would not try otherwise. I just love your flowers!

    2. Thanks for your comment! My art journal has been such a great place to experiment and play. I had no idea how much art could be until I started my first journal.

    3. Thanks to you, too, Vario Creative Art!

  2. Gorgeous - I love it! Sometimes the simplest pages are the best :)

    1. Thanks, Tracy! It's fun to have a page come together so quickly.