Tuesday, 20 March 2012

the story of zove

After some thought, I've finally figured out my complimentary close. You know, that thing like "love" or "xoxo" just before your signature.  I wanted to find something that was unique to me and not too serious.  It seemed like all the good ones were taken. Or worse, they felt fake when I typed them. I've been using "have a good one" but that doesn't seem right either. 

Then I remembered "zove".  Way too long ago,  Paul (one of my brothers) started teasing me about how my handwriting made  "love" look like "zove". For some reason, it stuck and we began to close off emails and phone calls with "zove you" or  just "zove".

And so friends, that's how I'm going to sign off from now on. What do you think?

Before I try out my new complimentary close, here's a layout I want to share. I love that pic of Ben, that background paper and (of course) chevrons!





  1. How was the try out? Did the "complimentary close" (I laughed at that!) work for you? I "zove" it, definitely a keeper!

  2. i zove it, too. it's just what I was looking for!