Monday, 19 March 2012

just do it!

I'm going live with my blog today.  wahoo! eek!

I've been adding content for a little while - practicing and learning. So at least there are a couple of blog posts for you to read.

I'm still tinkering and tweaking.  I'll always be tinkering and tweaking but I know if I wait until it looks "perfect" I will never ever ever let it go. No one will ever see it and I really do want to share it. The idea of it being perfect is not as important to me as it the idea of this blog being out there.

So, now it's out there.

It's all baby steps, right? Which is kind of perfect because Ben started walking yesterday.  I guess we'll take baby steps together.

exciting times people. exciting times!


  1. Yay! So excited - this is awesome, Cathie!

    1. you're awesome, Sara. thanks for all the support.