Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday's child is full of JOY

I just couldn't decide what to blog about for this weekly series about joy. Then I remembered that in her One Little Word class at Big Picture Classes, Ali Edwards encouraged us to research our word so we could better understand it.

So, off I went to ye old online dictionary and found this:

joy: a state of happiness or felicity

As I thought about happiness and joy my mind began to wander, as it does from time to time and eventually I thought of flash mobs. (I honestly can't tell you how I got there but I did - true story.) And I wondered if they are as much wonderful fun as they look.

Once upon a time, I used to be heavily involved in music and I sang in many, many choirs.  Choir practice was not joyful but performing always was.  It was so wonderful to sing and be surrounded by music - as if you were in the music. I imagine flash mobs are like that but a little bit better because there's dancing and the audience's reaction as the mob grows and grows.  I swear when I watch flash mobs I can feel the joy.

So, here is my favourite flash mob video.  It was the first one I ever saw and I still love it although I will admit that the Black Eyed Peas flash mob from Oprah is a very close second.

Happy Wednesday!



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