Monday, 19 March 2012

around here...

...turned one on Friday.
...learned how to walk on Sunday.
...doesn't like to get his fingers messy with icing.
...prefers to eat cake with a fork.
...loves his bathtime and playing in any body of water he can find - from dog bowl to bath tub it's all good.

...loves to eat icing but not cake.
..."helped" blow out Ben's candle on Friday. learning that possession might be 9/10 of the law but that doesn't apply to Ben's birthday presents. finally playing soccer games at SoccerTots and he loves it.
...loves visitor days (when people come over) and really loves visiting days (when we go visiting).

ice pic from Sam's office_n
....took this beautiful picture from his office window on Friday. working, working, working away.
...had to get his beater car towed to the shop when it broke down on Monday.
...had his beater car restored to him on Wednesday. He swears he is going to drive it until it won't "go" anymore. I think he just may accomplish this goal.

...loves cake with lots of icing. Corner piece - that's all I'm saying.
...cannot believe that her baby turned 1 on Friday and started walking on Sunday. (Dear Ben, Take it easy on the milestones, will ya? Love you, Mom) finally ready to let this blog go live and see what happens.
...went to a scrappy birthday party on Saturday night - and maybe wants to have one for her birthday! 2 new pairs of glasses.

We had a great week!

Not much happening this week (yet) but I'm hoping for more spring-like weather. Come on, Spring! How about you? Ready for Spring yet?


ps: can you believe that is the best picture of me and Ben from his birthday? Tragic, I tells ya!
pps: those are my old glasses. Must get pics with new glasses this week.

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