Friday, 12 August 2016

Art Journal Joy: 27 Days of Watercolor Flowers - Week 1

Aug 12_1

Today, I am sharing all the art that I made this week as part of my Practice Over Perfection exercise. Last week, I wrote about my plan to spend the rest of August painting watercolor flowers and sharing my progress. This week, I created 7 6x8" pieces and 3 4x6" pieces. The 4x6" pieces are rough drafts that I used to practice on before working on the larger 6x8" pieces. I have also doodled and practiced all over 12 4x6" cards.

Here are this week's cards in order I made them.

Aug 12_2

Aug 12_3

Aug 12_4

Aug 12_5

Aug 12_6

Aug 12_7

Aug 12_8

I have been using Prima's watercolor palette's for everything - the Tropicals and the Classics - and a variety of round brushes. I like to use what I have when I'm learning something new but I will probably add new supplies once I'm comfortable with what I already own.

I originally planned to spend a minimum of 10 minutes day painting. I haven't kept track of how much time I have spent painting but I know I have gone way beyond my 10 minute minimum. Partly because I don't want to stop once I get started and partly because it takes me a while to figure out what to do and how to do it.

As I complete each flower, I am sharing them daily on Instagram.  This is an important part of the process for me. Sharing pieces that I don't like is hard sometimes but it encourages me to keep practicing so that someday the pieces are easier to share.

I am eager to continue this project and will come back next week to share the next batch.

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