Friday, 15 July 2016

Art Journal Joy

Deli paper. It's something most art journaly/crafty people have in their stash but it's not easy to find in my area. I have a couple of boxes that my husband picked some up for me when he was in the United States on business and I've been hoarding it ever since. Recently, I decided to break open a box and play with some of it. I wasn't trying to make anything special - I just wanted to play with paint and color.

July 15_1

 These are my favourite pieces because of all the white space.

July 15_2

July 15_3

I like these pieces because I was experimenting with different colour combinations. Playing with new color combinations on a project can be scary. The fear of failing or making something that looks bad can stop creativity in its tracks. Playing on deli paper was liberating because I wasn't trying make something that mattered - I was just playing. I kept adding layers and following the question, "What would happen if..?" I figured that anything I really hated would end up in the trash.

July 15_11

July 15_12

July 15_17

July 15_18

July 15_16

July 15_15

July 15_14

This was also a great opportunity to play with stencils. Some that I hadn't used ever and some that I hadn't used in-a-while. I liked combining different stencils and I liked repeating the same design over and over again in different colors.

I painted, played and experimented until all the paint on my palette my gone. I learned a lot and I know I'll play with deli paper again and again. I may use these pieces in other projects and I may not. The whole point was to play and have fun and I definitely did that. I hope this inspires you to dig out something that you have been hoarding and use it. I find using a supply is always more fun than hoarding it.

Wishing you some creative time this weekend!

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