Monday, 13 June 2016

Mixed Media Monday

"Put It All On The Page" is a personal philosophy for me. I believe it's more fun to use all of my lovely mixed media and scrapbooking supplies than it is to hoard them. For this week's page, I used a little of every single bottle of my Prima Color Bloom spray collection.

June 13_1

The background started with some of Prima's Heavy Body Gel through a stencil. Then I added texture to gel using the Prima texture brushes that I talked about last week.

June 13_2

Then I unscrewed the top of every bottle and sprinkled some ink around my photo.  I kept adding layers and layers of color.

June 13_3

June 13_4

June 13_5

June 13_6

June 13_8

When all of the ink was dry, I added some cheesecloth and pattern paper under my photo. This page was fun and easy to make. It's definitely something I'm going to try again.

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