Monday, 6 June 2016

Mixed Media Monday

It's Mixed Media Monday.

Today, I'm sharing a layout I made for a class I taught in-person at The Paperie's Spring Retreat in April. This class was all about sharing my love for the new texture brushes by Prima Marketing. The bristles are lovely and soft and the spatula on the other end is so much fun for creative play. There are 7 brushes in total and they are available in 2 different packages.

June 6_11

I made this layout for class featuring these brushes.

June 6 1

You can use the brushes for spreading gesso or paint on your canvas but I like to use them for making marks in my work, like this...

June 6_8

To make these marks, I dragged the different spatulas through wet gesso or wet heavy body gel.  In class, I noticed that everyone's marks were different. It's like handwriting, in a way, unique to each person.

Here are some more closeups...

June 6_4

June 6_5

I tend to favour straight lines and stripes but I believe that the possibilities are limitless with these brushes. They're easy to use and there's no such thing as "wrong". If you make a mark you don't like, you can smooth over the wet medium and try again. It's that easy.

June 6_6

I like to buy new supplies that help me use what I already have. These texture brushes are a perfect example of that principle because I can use them with all the acrylic paint, modeling paste, gel medium and stencils I have in my stash. By combining the texture brushes with all these supplies I have so many options and new ideas to try.

One final note, these brushes are also easy to clean. When I'm finished making a mark, I wipe off the medium (gel, gesso, etc...) with a wipe or paper towel and then drop it in a bucket with water. When I'm finished playing with them, I take them out of the water and give them a final wipe with a dry cloth and put them away. If any medium or gesso dries on it's easy to pick off.

I know I'll use these brushes a lot and I'll share whatever fun tips or tricks I figure out along the way.

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ps: I am not affiliated with Prima Marketing, I just happen to really love their products.

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