Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Week in the Life: Monday edition

Well, that was fun.  Monday is not my favorite day of the week (sorry, Monday) but yesterday was a lot of fun. I took 58 pics on Monday and mostly on my iPhone. Like so many people, I always have my mobile phone with me and that makes it so easy to take pics on the go. I am planning to take my fancy camera on a few field trips this week but I am so grateful for my iPhone - especially during Week in the Life.

Anyway, here's a look at our Monday.

After 16 years of faithful service, our washing machine broke on Saturday. It's going to take 2 weeks for a replacement to arrive so it's off to my mom's in the meantime. (ps: Thanks, Mom!)

A MEGA ice cream sandwich on a summer day.


One of my tricks for getting through the Week in the Life process is to take a few shots of our environment - our home, cars, coffee mugs, favorite clothes, books - the items that are a part of our everyday life but we overlook completely. They are great pics for filling empty pockets and some of my favorite to look back on.

There is something about Week in the Life that I just love. Maybe because it's familiar and maybe because it's exciting.

Week in the Life also makes me want to tidy up! I'm constantly working around piles of clutter. I'm either taking pictures of it or cropping it out of shots. Still, it's what our life is like around here. I'm trying to get over the fact that we live with piles of things in our home. It's what we do and tells you something about us. If you look closely at those piles you can see things that are a part of our everyday life even if they drive me crazy. 

So, that's our Monday and I am really looking forward to Tuesday.

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  1. Loved seeing a post from you on WITL!! This is my first but sometimes in my Project Life days I find myself doing similar things. Totally loving it so far. But it did crack me up that it makes you want to clean and organize. I hear ya. I hear ya. See you soon Cathie.