Friday, 17 July 2015

Playing with My Brayer

I love my brayer. It's a Speedball like this one. It came with a bunch of rollers which I never use. I've had it for years but I didn't use much until I got my Gelli Plate. I also use it to build backgrounds like this one.

Basically, I squirt some paint on my craft mat, roll my brayer in the paint and then brayer the paint onto my art journal page. I like the look of paint brayered on paper. It's completely different that using a paint brush, don't you think? Lots of visual texture but no dimension.

Anyway, then I turned the background into this page.

I drew circles on the background with my china pencil - I love that pencil.

Then I painted gesso around the circles using my fingers. Finger painting is always fun. While painting with the gesso, it smeared the lines of the circles. I didn't mind that at all. In some places, I actually encouraged the lines to smear and blend.

Then when it was all dry, I retraced the circles using my china pencil.

There you have it. There is nothing very complicated about this page but it was a lot of fun to make.

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