Monday, 1 June 2015

Week in the Life 2014: Saturday

I'm still sharing the pages from my Week in the Life 2014 album - only Saturday and Sunday to go. If you'd like to see how the week has been going so far, here are my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday pages.

As you may recall, the Friday of Week in the Life was Halloween so obviously, Saturday started with assessing the loot. I got up early on Saturday morning to supervise and had so much fun picking through all the candy with the boys. They were so excited.

WITL 2014_Sat 1

Especially with the Mountain o' Chips. It was quite the pile of snacks.

WITL 2014_Sat 2

WITL 2014_Sat 3

WITL 2014_Sat 4

WITL 2014_Sat 5

The highlight of the day was one of favorite events of the year. For our anniversary, we get dressed up and go out with friends to the From this Rock dinner hosted by the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

WITL 2014_Sat 6

This year,  it was an 7-course meal made by 7 of the best of our local chefs, using local ingredients.

WITL 2014_Sat 7

It is the best way we have found to celebrate our anniversary. See that lovely couple in the bottom right photo? Sam and I met at their wedding. Our anniversaries are a week (and 5 years) apart so we celebrate together. Friends, food and wine - it's the best.

WITL 2014_Sat 8

And that was our fab Saturday. I am almost finished sharing my Week in the Life pages - just one day left.  It's always great to finish a big project and I'm looking forward to sharing it.

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