Friday, 29 May 2015

Week in the Life 2014: Friday

This week, I'm sharing the pages from my Week in the Life 2014 album. If you'd like to see how the week has been going so far, here are my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday pages.

Friday was Halloween. One of my favorite days of the year. I've always loved Halloween and I love sharing it with my kids. Usually by the Friday of Week in the Life, everyone is getting tired of having their photos taken but not this year because kids love to get their picture taken when it's Halloween.

WITL 2014_Fri 1

Some shots of our breakfast table...

WITL 2014_Fri 2

...and the mess around the sink. That's real life around here.

WITL 2014_Fri 3

This coffee table has been everything from a toy box to whatever my kids can imagine. Here it's a rabbit hole. It's one of those ottoman storage coffee tables and my kids have played it - they still play in it. I'm glad I have a shot of of Ben playing with it to remind me.

WITL 2014_Fri 4

Another picture at the table and some pictures of our outside Halloween decorations.
WITL 2014_Fri 5

The story of Halloween cookies and a sudden Halloween costume change.

WITL 2014_Fri 6

WITL 2014_Fri 7

And then the trick-or-treating with family and friends.

WITL 2014_Fri 8

WITL 2014_Fri 9

This was a good day. I have pictures of my kids having fun, my family, my friends - all the best parts of my wild and crazy, wonderful life. I'm tempted to do a Day in the Life each year on Halloween. It's something to think about.

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