Friday, 22 May 2015

Making Time to Make Something

Today, I just had to make to something. I wanted to put on my apron, get paint on my fingers, play with color and make something. Something that ended up looking like this...

May 22_1

It started with these feather cut outs. I made book paper feathers a while ago and just couldn't part with the off-cuts. I collaged them onto an art journal page and today I decided to add the paint.

May 22_2

And then, just because I'm interested in collage these day, I added some other layers - scraps, shipping tags. That kind of thing.

May 22_3

My paint of choice these days is Dina Wakley's Heavy Body Paint.  Her line has 16 colors and 4 of those are blue! How could it not be my favorite line? I rolled on some Blackberry, Turquoise, Lapis and Magenta with my brayer and was delighted with all the texture that appeared.

May 22_4

The piece was getting too dark so I added a layer of Dina's white paint and then removed it with a baby wipe and that was exactly what I was looking for. Just look!

May 22_6

Then I added some splashes of Hero Arts Neon Daubers. I just can't seem to resist them these days.

May 22_7

Finally, I put a sheet of scrap paper in my vintage typewriter and wrote a note. A little reminder to play and have fun.

May 22_8

Good times, people. Good times.

May 22_9

This page took less than 30 mins to make. It probably took less than 25 mins. I had to make the time to make something. That means the laundry went unfolded today. It's still sitting in a basket waiting. That's ok. It's just laundry. It will be there tomorrow waiting...always waiting.

I have noticed that I often put off making art or scrapbooking when I want to because I have to ...(insert something I think is really important here). In reality, the thing I think I "have" to do is often not that important at all. It's certainly not more important than what I want to do.  For me, the really important stuff will get done. But really, is "tidy the toy room" or "organize the toy bins" as important as making sure there is food in the house. No, it's not and it's certainly not more important than making an art journal page even if I often act like it is.

So, here's to making the time to make something and here's to making that happen more often.

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