Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Wednesday: Week in the Life

This week, I'm sharing the pages from my 98% finished Week in the Life album.

So, let's have a look at Wednesday's pages.

First up, the mixed media page.

Wed Cover Page

This is a sheet of brown paper that was covering my desk for a few months. I replaced it with new paper and kept this one for collage. I love how it turned out.

Here's the first spread.

Wed 1st spread

This is my girl, Mac. She's over 15 and a great subject because 15 year old dogs...well...they hold still. Mac has some great expressions, too - I'm glad I'm capturing them. I borrowed the "Hey Girl" stamp from my friend, Krista, and stamped it in gold.

Wed Englargement

And here's a closeup of the other side. These are pics from my weekly gymnastics date with Ben.

Wed Album 1

And then the next spread.

Wed 2nd spread

Here's a closer look.

Wed Album 2

A scenic shot from my car (we travel this route almost daily), Gabriel playing with his favorite stuffies, Mac sniffing Ben's basket of pretend foods and Ben playing with his trains in one of his many Thomas shirts.

Wed Album 3

And the other side is all about taking out the garbage. It's amazing how the mundane becomes a photo shoot when kids are involved. That's one of the beautiful things about Week in the Life. I wouldn't normally take my iPhone with me when taking out the garbage but because it was Week in the Life I did. Otherwise, I would have missed these shots.

And the final spread...

Wed 3rd spread

Which shows...

Wed Album 4

Ben buckling up his own car seat -he insists on doing it by himself. You can also see my clean art desk and my Week in the Life Album on my kitchen counter.

And on the other side...

Wed Album 5 can see some pictures of Ben playing with his trains. And then some shots of our trip to pick up Gabriel from school - the rainy sky and the hall way with his open classroom door. I'm really glad I thought to snap that one.

And then finally...

Wed Album 6

The boys playing on the our and some selfies with me and them. I love taking selfies with my iPhone. The quality isn't always the greatest but I like how it captures the interaction of me with my guys. It feels very real to me.

All the supplies, except the stamps which came from my stash and my friend, Krista, came from my wonderful LSS, The Paperie. They're having a Week in the Life crop this Saturday, September 28. You should definitely go and put your book together. The Paperie always has a wonderful selection of supplies - I'm sure you can find anything you need to finish your Week in the Life Album and there is nothing like a finished Week in the Life album. I can't make the crop but I'm planning to leave my album at the store so if you're local, you can pop by and see it.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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