Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Tuesday: Week in the Life

hi again!

Back to share the Tuesday pages from my Week in the Life album.  This year, my Week in the Life started on the second week of school which was actually our first full week of school. Gabriel started Grade One this year so there have been a lot of changes for us - my Week in the Life definitely reflects us trying to find our rhythm. 

Here's how the day played out...

My daily mixed media page...

Tues Cover

 ...and the enlarged photo.

Tues Biggie

I took this photo of the sky with my iPhone. It's really quite striking even if it doesn't look like much here.

 I took Gabriel to school and started my first day as parent volunteer. I help out his class and other teachers that need a little something done. If they don't have anything for me, I volunteer in the library. I really love it and wish I could volunteer more than one morning a week. (ps: Thanks to my friend, Krista for the SC wood veneer scissors and apple.)

Tues Album 3

And after school, I ran some errands and picked up Ben from my mom. She takes him on "adventures" every Tuesday morning.

Tues Album 1

Here are the closeups...

Tues Album 4

 You can see our morning coffees, Mac waiting to come in, an attempt at potty training and my trip to Costco. I took a picture of my groceries on the belt...you know you're a scrapbooker when...

And here's the other side...

Tues Album 5

A mixed media card to fill in a space, my mom's front door, a selfie in her entry-way mirror and a jump hug from Ben when he saw me.

And another spread...

Tues Album 2

Here are the closeups...

Tues Album 6

Me and Ben in the car, waiting to pick up Gabriel, a pic of Gabriel's school and the beautiful blue sky, a shot of Ben and one of Mac sleeping.

Tues Album 7

A list of some of the things I packed for Gabriel's recess during the week - I did this at the crop. I needed a filler card and my friend, Kelly, suggested this idea. I love it - thanks, Kelly!  Gabriel playing his 3DS in his underpants and pajamas and a selfie in my favorite shirt.

And finally, a look at some of the things that are a part of our home right now.

Tues Album 8

You can see that we're still hanging onto summer hats, sandals, soccer cleats and sweaters but there's also slippers because some mornings are cold. And, of course, there are trains everywhere. This is Hiro - he's one of my favorites.

All of the supplies for this page came from my LSS, The Paperie.  They're having a Week in the Life crop this Saturday, September 28. You should definitely go and put your book together. There is nothing like a finished Week in the Life album.

And that's a look at my Tuesday.

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