Monday, 22 April 2013

Stitching on Scrapbook Layouts

Yeah, it's a thing. A real fun thing.

I have long wanted to sew on scrapbook pages but my sewing machine just wouldn't cooperate. Turns out it's broken. Who knew? But I don't need a machine with Amy Tangerine's stitching templates. They're adorable and are so easy to use and enjoy. My stitching dreams have been answered - it's wonderful.

Although I have both sets of templates, I got the letters first and couldn't wait to crack them open and start stitching. And my first word was...


For this page...


And how about some closeups?

Up here there are lots of pics, some twine, wood veneers and some stamping in black ink (a la Kelly Purkey).

Everything_closeup 2

And down here, we have more pics and wood veneers and stamping because once is never enough. 

Everything_closeup 1

And don't forget the little elephant paperclip...ha! Get it? Because elephants never forget...

Anyway, now for the scary part.


Oh no, it's not pretty back here, my friends. It's all icky stitches and washi tape to keep thing looking pretty out front. Let's look at that again, shall we?


Ahhh, much better.

I love piling all these little pics from 2012 on one page. These are all little moments from our crazy everyday life and it's fun to see them like this. And, in case you're counting, that's 11 pics on one page which is probably a record for me these days. The stitched title has impact and oomph and stands out from all those photos. And because it's a long one, it also doubles as my journaling! Done and done.

Thanks for stopping by!


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