Monday, 1 October 2012

Anatomy of a Scrapbooking Class: Pie Charts and Starbursts

Thursday night, I taught a class at The Paperie called "Pie Charts and Starbursts" which was inspired by this page. 

He's My Guy

Once I realized how easy it is to make a pie chart and how great they look on a page, I was hooked.  The  technique of drawing a simple shape and then dividing the shape into sections is easy and can be used over and over but have a different look everytime.

Here's the layout I made for class.

Pie Chart Class

The technique is the same but I changed the basic shape from a rectangle to a circle and used papers from the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook collection for this page. I doubt anyone would know this page was inspired by the "He's my Guy" layout above but it is!

The other layout I made for class was this starburst page.

Miss Vivienne

Again, it's a very easy technique. I simply followed the lines of the grid paper to create the sketch for my starburst and then cut out sections until I had the frame of my starburst.  Then I filled in each section with some pattern paper from the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook collection.  Or you can take a single sheet of pattern paper and use it as a background, like I did for this page...

Go Forth and Be Foolish

And if you keep the sections you cut away, you can use them as a mask and with a little spray, make a page like this...

Make 'Em Laugh

So, there you have it. Two techniques that you can use over and over again in many different ways. I hope you enjoyed my take on the popular starburst and pie chart techniques.

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  1. These LO's are fabulous!!!

  2. Thanks! I'm addicted to the starbursts. There are some other techniques and looks that I haven't tried yet but hope to soon. I'll share when they're done.