Monday, 16 July 2012

12 on the July 12th

First, let me say I'm sorry to have dropped off the radar there last week. I'm falling behind in everything these days. I expected summer to have a slower pace but we're as busy as ever.

And the sunshine! It is oh so fabulously addictive. I just can't resist it.

This week, I plan to share some sneaks from my Paperie Club Kit projects, my 12 on the 12th pics and a Christmas album for this week's installment of the Undones. (I hope that by putting my plans out there I'll actually stick to them. I find deadlines highly motivating.)

So without further ado, say hello to my second month of playing along with 12 on the 12th. It feels a little like a Day in the Life without the words. Maybe next month, I'll do a Day in the Life. I just had a great idea. Imagine an album devoted to a year's worth of A Day in Life. Each month would have its own spread. That would be an awesome album, don't you think? Definitely something to think about.

So, here's a look at our July 12.

The morning started with a walk.

July 12_12

The boys watched some Sesame Street while waiting for breakfast.

July 12_2

Apparently, it's serious business.

July 12_3

Coffee. Glorious coffee.

July 12_1

Our backyard in the morning. It's where we are spending a lot of time these days.

July 12_4

A few stories before heading outside.  I love that he loves books.

July 12_11

Experimenting with the new addition to the yard.

July 12_10

Enjoying the water and the sunshine.

July 12_9

Gabriel doesn't like cold water but eventually he had to try it out, too.

July 12_8

Once back inside, Ben started drawing on the walls.

July 12_7

The crayons wipe right off with a wet cloth but I put up some paper to distract him. I don't think it's a a good idea to let him think walls are just great big canvases. I hate to curb his artistic curiosity but I'm not sure everyone would appreciate his art.

July 12_5

And finally, my new-to-me iPhone.

July 12_6

And that's another day. Wish me luck on my other creative plans.

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