Sunday, 15 April 2012

around here...



...still has a cold - it has been hanging on for a while. Might be time to see the doctor.
...hasn't been feeling great all weekend and was super cuddly Sunday afternoon. That was awesome. walking everywhere now.
...has started climbing on everything.
...still plays peek-a-boo. It's truly adorable.


DSC_0334 a new video game on Saturday - Super Mario Party 9.  He loves it.
...finished Soccer Tots today.
...said good-bye to his best buddy again on Tuesday but is being very good about it.
...was a wonderful tour guide for mommy and Ben at The Rooms on Wednesday. 
...loves the giant squid at The Rooms. a paper streamer mummy in this pic - his idea. What a clown!


DSC_0315_edited busy, busy, busy with work but still made time to play Super Mario Party 9. to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. still a Facebook fiend.



...spent some wonderful time with her brothers, sister and their families this week. Then wished them all safe travels when they left. her hair done on Saturday.
...cropped along with Shimelle Laine this weekend. Her first online crop.  It was fun.
...started the Layout a Day (LOAD) challenge on Friday.  So far, so good. looking forward to preschool starting up this week.

And that's what our life has been like this week.

Thanks for stopping by.


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