Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Restarting a Yearlong Project

Since I finished sharing all the photos from my France album last week, I decided to return to my month-at-a-glance album. I haven't done much with it for a long time and after flipping through it this week, I realized that it needs some attention and work.

The album is part of the KTOL project that I work on each year. KTOL is short for "Keeping Track of Life" and it's a class that my friend, Krista, teaches at my local scrapbook store (The Paperie).  Each month we create a layout and pocket page spread with our monthly stack of photos. It's a lot of fun and I enjoy scrapping with my friends for a couple of hours each month.

I haven't been working on my album in between classes so I bunch of half done pages and missing layouts. Specifically, I have to work on a layout for each month - that's all 7 layouts we've made so far in class. Some layouts are just missing photos but I missed a couple of classes so those layouts are not even started. The situation is the same for the pocket pages. I have February's pockets pages finished but all the other months are not done. That's 6 months of pocket pages and 7 layouts - if we're still counting.

Here are some of my almost done pocket pages for January.

Aug 17_1

Aug 17_2

Aug 17_3

It feels a bit overwhelming but I know it is doable because I have been here before. Each year, I fall behind with this project. I am not a chronological scrapbooker so this doesn't worry me but I know that if I fall too behind it will be too overwhelming to finish. All the work is worth it though because I love this album when it's done.

So, now what? For me, the key to finishing this project is to make a list of what I need to do to get "caught up" and to work on that list each week. Having a to-do list will keep me focused when I sit down to work. As I work my way through my to-do list,  I will share my progress as I go.

Wish me luck!

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