Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Catching Up with My Yearlong Album

Currently, I am working on my yearlong album. Last week, I wrote about how I need to start working on that album again because I haven't done anything on it in a while. There's quite a To-Do list and I'm working my way through it and sharing it all here.

I don't mind being "behind" with this album. As a scrapbooker, I'm behind all the time because I can only create a scrapbook page or mini album after something has happened. So, I don't worry about being caught up but I do like to finish what I start and that brings me back to my yearlong album. It's started and well underway but not where I would like it to be.

On Monday, I shared a mixed media layout that I made for the February and today I'm sharing the pocket pages I made that go with the layout. I tend to take a lot of photos each month and a lot of them end up in this album. Also, I like to  add embellishments and ephemera to the photos so some months have more pages than others. For example, in February I filled both sides of 3 pocket page protectors (8.5x11") to make 6 pages. That's a lot for one month but sister and her kids visited that month so there were a lot pics to fit in.

Here's a look at February's pocket pages starting with the first page. It's the page that is opposite the layout for this month.

Aug 24_6

Here's the first 2 page spread.

Aug 24_2

A close up of the left side...

Aug 24_7

A close up of the right side.

Aug 24_8

Here's the second 2-page spread.

Aug 24_3

A close up of the left side...

Aug 24_9

and a close up of the right side.

Aug 24_10

And here is the last page.

Aug 24_11

The large transparency hearts are from The Freckled Fawn's January embellishment kit. The puffy hearts, metal "love" clips and circle stickers are from their February embellishment kit. I am a sucker for these kits. They have the loveliest embellishments that are the perfect size for pocket page scrapping.

So, there you have it. That's February 2016 done! I'm going to keep working away at this album for the next couple of weeks. I love looking back at all the photos while I'm scrapping. It's fun to remember how much fun we have had this year. It helps make the work worthwhile.

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