Friday, 1 July 2016

Finger Painting Abstract Flowers with Dina Wakley Paints

Recently, I bought the new colors of the Dina Wakley Heavy Body Paints. I like heavy body paints because they can do so many different things. They are thick enough for impasto techniques and the paint holds the marks of palette knives, brushes and tools - like the Finnabair texture brushes.  You can turn it into a soft body paint using soft gel medium. You can also turn it into a glaze using acrylic glazing medium.  Dina has a jar of acrylic glazing medium in her line but I haven't tried it yet.

July 1_1

When I got the new paints, I made swatches right away to see what everything would look like.

July 1_3

I store this with my paints.  This is as organized as I get because I'd rather be creating and painting.

July 1_4

While I was writing this post, I discovered that Ranger has created a couple of free pdf downloads for the Dina Wakley paints. They have a color chart and a paint mixing chart. I downloaded the mixing chart and added it to my bin.

Using all the new colors and my fingers I made this piece. I started with the background and then added the flowers on top.

July 1_5

To create the flowers, I mixed Blackberry Violet, Magenta, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Night and a little white with my finger while the paint was wet to get the swirly look. I didn't have a plan, I just went with it until I was happy.

July 1_7

July 1_8

I added a wash of watered down white paint over the top and then wiped it back with a baby wipe.

July 1_9

I painted the stems after everything was dry with a thin brush and Dina's new Evergreen paint.


Do you see the text in the background in this shot? That's from an old Hero Arts stamp called Friend Definition. I like to use this stamp instead of text because it adds texture without adding bulk.

I love having these paints in my stash. They are versatile and the color palette is what  I would make for myself if I had a line of paints. I'm not sure about colorfastness and if they fade when exposed to sunlight. I've sent an email to Ranger and I'll let you know what they come back with.

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