Friday, 29 July 2016

Art Journaling Joy: Painting with a Palette Knife

Art journaling was a little scary this week. I was feeling the pressure of making something look good. That's way too pressure for an art journal page so I decided to try something new - painting with a palette knife.

Here's what I created.

July 29_3

I started with a coat of gesso. I always use gesso as a primer for acrylic paint. Then I randomly spread paint with my palette knife. I didn't overthink things. I did whatever popped into my mind - add marks - check, add more pink - ok. I didn't wonder or worry if it would look good. I just did it.

July 29_1

All the randomness added a lot of texture.

July 29_11

July 29_10

I tried to take pictures along the way but that's tricky with wet, painty fingers. When I was happy with things, I let the page dry overnight. I used a lot of Dina Wakley's Heavy Body paint and it really needed the time to dry before moving on.

The yellow shape looked like a figure to me so I decided to go with that idea. I added some shading with Prima Oil Pastel to highlight the figure.

July 29_2

I didn't like the white so I decided to outline the figure with the Black Oil Pastel (Prima) instead.

July 29_4

July 29_12

I used the same few background stamps over and over again in different colors of Archival Ink.

July 29_5

July 29_7

I really wanted to add my own words to this page. So often, I don't. I skip the journaling because I don't want to "ruin" my page. It took a long time but I forced myself to write something in my own handwriting before I would consider this page done. I knew what I had to write but I really had to force myself to commit to putting it on the page. Letting go is hard so I wrote a little note to remind myself to let go more often.

July 29_6

I really enjoyed painting with a palette knife. It's a great way to blend colors and get so much texture. I'm definitely going to keep experimenting with it to see what I can create. Trying something new helped diffuse the pressure of creating something "good" or "pretty". It distracted me from the pressure I was putting on myself and helped me enjoy art journaling this week.

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