Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Storing Diecuts, Bits and Pieces

I am a sucker for diecuts. For me, they are loot bags - full of colorful and fun inspiration. I like to open a whole pack and use them all but that doesn't mean I don't have leftovers. Who doesn't? What's strange, at least to me, is that diecut packaging isn't much good for storage once the diecuts are open.

Happily, I have a pretty simple solution for storing any left over diecuts...teacups!

I have a bunch of these pretty teacups left over from my blue glass collecting phase back in the 90's.  I never did use them much for tea but I just couldn't ever let them go. Luckily, they are great for holding diecuts.

Best of all, if you have saucers...they stack.

The saucers are also great little trays.

It's easy to dump a cup's contents onto the saucer, pick what I want and then pour the contents back into the cup when I'm finished.

Here's to using what you have to store what you love!

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