Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Around here...Summer 2014

Hello friends!

It has been quiet here for a long, long, long time but I have missed sharing what I've been working on and what I'm excited about and I wanted to try again. As a "welcome back post, I've decided to share a little bit about what's been going on around here.  This summer there's been lots hanging out, growing up and adventures for all.


Here's my Ben. He says the funniest things and gives the best hugs. He loves his big brother more than almost anything. He is crazy about the color green, Halloween, spooky things like monsters, zombies and dragons and Thomas the Tank Engine. Basically, he's growing up too fast.


Oh, my Gabriel...he is 7 and in grade 2. I'm still in shock about that -ha! He is all about Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars and Minecraft these days. He doesn't like to watch movies unless it's Star Wars. He loves his little brother and he's a pretty great big brother. He's excited about gymnastics and swimming but he wants to learn to ride horses. We'll see.

Me and Sam

And my, Samy...he had a wonderfully gourmet vacation in France. He loves baguettes. These days, he's working like crazy. It's his thing. I think he's happiest when work is really busy. He still thinks the kids are hilarious - I love that about him. It's sweet, right?

And me? Well, I have a major crush on France. I can hardly wait to go back. Until then, I am loving the lovely weather we're having. It's the perfect for my favorite accessory - scarves. I've been reading a lot lately and discovering so many new-to-me authors.  I'll share more about that later. I've also been making lots of stuff - scrapbook pages, mini books, art journal pages and...all kinds of stuff.  I'm planning to share lots going forward and I hope you'll come back and see my projects, pages and ideas.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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