Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A finished album: The Undones

The creative process that is scrapbooking is a long and winding one, in my opinion. It's unique to everyone but the goal is the same - a finished layout. And then we put those layouts in albums...eventually. When I finish a page, I put it in a 12x12" plastic container and then when that container can't hold another page, I put the pages in an album.

Today, I realized that I had not one but two containers and both were full. Clearly, it was time to put some pages away. *groan*

I organize my albums using an adaptation of Stacy Julian's Library of Memories or Photo Freedom system which is to say not chronologically but by family member (me & Sam, Ben, Gabriel, my sister and her family, my brothers and their families, etc...).  Today I finished filling up an album about my sister and her family and I wanted to share it.

The first section of the album is a few pages that are group photos.

Michelle's Album_1

 Then some pages with my sister, Michelle.

Michelle's Album_2

Michelle's Album_3

The next section is a few pages for her daughter, Kiersten.

Michelle's Album_5

And then the next section, is for her son (and Gabriel's best buddy), Nathaniel.

Michelle's Album_6

Michelle's Album_7

And then finally, the Gabriel and Nathaniel section. This is the largest section and will probably become it's own album someday.

Michelle's Album_8

Michelle's Album_9

Michelle's Album_10

Michelle's Album_11

Michelle's Album_12

Michelle's Album_13

And that's the finished album. I put away so many pages today that I am back to one container which is mostly empty and that was my goal. Even though I hated to take the time away from creating to put these pages away, I found inspiration, too. I remembered stories that I haven't told yet and thought of more pages I want to make. Definitely time well spent.

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