Monday, 7 January 2013

Use it or Lose it: Leftover Letter Stickers

I love letter stickers and I have a huge collection. Who doesn't, right? And if you're anything like me, you probably have lots of packs of leftover letters.

So, what do I do with those leftover letters? Usually I alter them to be the letter I need. This works really well with sans serif fonts.

First, I layout the title and fill in the missing letters with substitutes that I think I can alter. Like this...

One Cool Dude_Step 1

Then with a few snips, Q's become O's and T's become L's and O's become U's. And voila!

One Cool Dude_step 2

I also like to use multiples of the same letter in words like "hmmmm..." or "argghhh" like I did here in my December Daily.

Dec 21

These tips are my go-to-solutions for using up letter stickers but I've found some pretty fantastic ideas that I wanted to share, too. I haven't tried them yet but they're definitely on my to-try list. 
  1. This blog post by Ashli Oliver (Little Purple Maibox). You must see how Ashli uses every letter in a pack of Thickers. It's genius! I'm definitely going to do this.
  2. I love how Donna Downey uses letter stickers in her Collage Monday series especially this one and this one.
  3. And here's another one. Uppercase D's as ladybug bodies? Uppercase B's as butterfly wings? So smart! And there's also a tutorial for turning letterstickers into flowers.
So, here are a few ideas for getting those leftover letter stickers out of your stash and onto your pages. Do you have a favorite trick or tip that I missed? If yes, then please share it in the comments.  You never can have too many good ideas, right?

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