Friday, 25 January 2013

Manga in My Art Journal

A few weeks before Christmas, I was hunting at my local thrift store and found a couple of books of Manga comics. Each book has a bunch of different comics in it - like a serial. I had no idea such a thing existed but I snapped them up and added them to my art journaling stash as soon as I got home.

I thought they would be an interesting element to collage into my journals besides my beloved book paper.  Here are a couple of my Manga-inspired pages.

Never Enough Coffee

This page started with the orange background. I had sprayed the page with Dylusions Squeezed Orange Ink spray and then spritzed it with Studio Calico Shine to get the color to blend. I collaged this image right over the top and that's how it sat for a long time - a picture on an orange background. And then, I had one of those days. So, I added a few letter stickers and some black india ink drips for good measure.

Here's a closeup of the picture. Haven't we all had days when we feel like that?

Never Enough Coffee_closeup

And here's my second page.

Purple Circles w Manga

This page is exactly how I planned to use the Manga comics.  It's in there. It adds interest but it isn't taking over the page - it's just a layer.

Here's a closeup.

Purple Circles w Manga_closeup

And as an added bonus, these books are so much fun to flip through. I brought them to Art Journal Night at a friend's house and spent most of my time flipping through pages and laughing. Good times, my friends, good times.

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  1. Love your coffee page - even if I don't love coffee! And, as you know, we're all very jealous of those books, they were beyond funny, if not totally G rated! ;)

    1. Thanks, Sara and you are welcome to any pages (possibly PG-rated) any time. :)

  2. Wow, this is stunning! I never thought of using comics (I use old books especially Enid Blyton ones!) but I'll be popping down to my city newsagent to get some of these for sure. Your pages are both really beautiful and very different. Lovely.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. You're lucky to have some Enid Blyton books in your stash. I would snap those up in a instant if I ever found one. They are so beautifully drawn.

  3. My kid reads Manga...I am going to have to see which books she is done with and repurpose it! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

    1. Lucky you! I hope she's not too attached and will part with some. Let me know - I'd love to see what you do with them.