Friday, 18 January 2013

I Love Circles: Art Journal Everyday

You may (or may not) have noticed my love of circles. It's definitely the shape that catches my eye most often.  And this week, I've been using lots of circles in my journal. Let me show you.

I made these circles with Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint in Carbon Black. I was just playing around with colors and decided to add some circles as a focal point image. And, as I so often do, I chose the title of a song - this time in German - to lead my journaling. I'll add that later.

Lachen und Weinen

I also made this page...

India Ink Circle Bkgd_1

It's another grungy and messy color experiment. I love the combination of teal and the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Modern Red paints.  I made the circle with teal india ink which I squirted around just to make things messy. This page needs something to finish it off. It will come to me later.

And finally...

India Ink Circle Bkgd_2

More india ink circles. There are 3 different colors of blue india ink on this page: turquoise, teal and aqua. They are very similar. In fact, I can't tell them apart yet - ha! Still, I love them all.

And that's what I've been up to this week in my art journal. Lots of experimenting and lots of fun.

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  1. Great techniques!
    Alison x

  2. Fabulous painty pages. I particularly like the second one.

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I glad you like them - I've been having a lot of fun with paint these days. I've really enjoyed playing with new color combinations.

  3. love it now following! xxxxxxx come on over and say hi, although my art blog isnt blogger it's here!

    excited to follow xxxxx

    1. Thanks, Jane. I definitely will pop over!