Thursday, 11 October 2012

the Undones: a tip for getting the words down

note: on Thursdays I blog about projects that aren't quite done.  Maybe they need some journaling, or photos or a complete overhaul.  I call them "the Undones" and I have a box full of good intentions - literally! In this series, I pick a project, finish it and share the results. I'd love it if you would play along and share a link to your newly finished project in the comments.

Last week, I wrote about a stack of layouts I have that need journaling. I have 10 to be precise. And this week, I whittled away at the pile and finished another 2 layouts.

Here's the first one. It just needed a few words about Sam and his love of all things BBQ.

Hail to the Chef

In real life, the photo isn't this dark but it's not a great picture. I don't care though because it's the only picture I have of Sam using the new BBQ he got for his birthday. 

Here's a close up...

Hail to the Chef_close up

and another close up...

Hail to the Chef_close up_2

Here's the other layout. For this page, I added the journaling, some hidden journaling and some extra embellishments.

Dear Sam

And here's a close up.

Dear Sam_close up

I think I should get extra points for finishing two pages about my husband, don't you?

And now for  my super simple tip: Take your project (and the supplies you need to finish it) and put it on your desk. Leave it out for a while. Put it in your own way so you have no choice but to see it every day.

I put my box of layouts on my kitchen table.  And it worked (at least for me) because every time I moved that container of layouts I thought about how to solve the problem of my undone journaling.  Thinking about it led to ideas about what to say and how to present the journaling and because everything was in my kitchen, whenever I had 5 minutes I could work on them. I didn't even have to go downstairs.

So, why don't you give a try? Take one of your Undones and leave it out. Give yourself at least a week and see what happens.

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