Wednesday, 24 October 2012

12 on October 12th

I'm playing catch up with 12 on October 12. I managed to get my 12 pictures this month but I haven't shared them yet.  So, here's what the day looked like for me and mine.

Ben has been lovin' his rubber boots lately. He loves to put them all by himself and toodle/stomp around the house.

12 on October 12_10

These are my go to shoes these days. It's been such a lovely fall I can still go without socks. yay!

12 on October 12_3

It was a beautiful sunny day. I just can't get enough blue skies.

12 on October 12_2

Some fall decor around the house.

12 on October 12_4

Some mini pumpkins because you can never have enough pumpkins.  Please excuse the dirty window in the background.  There is absolutely no way to clean it on the outside so I prefer to think of it as "texture".

12 on October 12_5

Sesame Street is pretty popular around here these days and that makes me pretty happy. I loved Sesame Street growing up and even though it's changed, I still love it.

12 on October 12_6

My sweet baby who is almost not a baby anymore. *sigh*

12 on October 12_7

Gabriel playing some Wii because that's what he does.

12 on October 12_8

Some fresh local tomatoes. They were the best I've ever had.

12 on October 12_9

A shot of my Twitter page because I do love me some Twitter.

12 on October 12_1

And my last two pictures I've already shared in this art journal blog post.

And that's what October 12 looked like around here. I love this little project. It's a neat way to look at our lives each month. I can see what's changed and what's the same from month to month. I like that. 

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