Thursday, 16 August 2012

12 on August 12th

August 12 was a big day for us - Gabriel's 5th birthday. eeek! As you can imagine, I had quite a lot of photos to wade through before this post was ready to go.

I cannot believe that 5 years ago, he...

Gabriel is 5

...was this wee.  *sigh*

Newborn Gabriel

The birthday boy, was up bright and early and played some video games before opening his presents. Ben was happy to help out and promptly started "sharing" this new plushy with Gabriel.

Ben & Luigi

After presents, it was back to bed for breakfast (his idea).

Breakfast in Bed

He pretended to share it with his plushies.

Breakfast for the Plushies

Then back downstairs for some Lego time.

Lego Time

I love this shot of Mac. When she was younger, she used to jump up when I got this close with the camera but 14 year old Labradors don't jump up. Obviously.


He had a Mario cake, of course.

Birthday Cake

This is how he eats cake because all he really wants to eat is the icing.

Let him eat Cake

He got many wonderful presents including a giant squid plushy. It's not nearly as random as it seems, I swear.  I'm definitely going to make a page about this one!


Here is my favorite shot of Samy and Gabriel.

Sam and Gabriel

Gathering up all his plushies before heading up the stairs to bed.

Birthday Plushies

Me and the birthday boy. I love that little guy so so much. I can't believe he's not a preschooler anymore. It really does go by too fast - impossibly fast. Thank goodness for digital cameras and scrapbooking. 

Me and Gabriel

Thanks for stopping by. If you've played along with 12 on 12, leave a link to your post in the comments. I'd love to see what your day looked like.



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