Thursday, 5 July 2012

the Undones: Valentines

note: on Thursdays I blog about projects that aren't quite done.  Maybe they needed some journaling, or photos or both.  I call them "the Undones" and I have a box full of good intentions. In this series, I pick a project, finish it and share the results. I'd love it if you would play along and share a link to your newly finished project in the comments.

I know it's July but I found this year's stack of Valentine's hanging around the kitchen.  Usually, I punch out squares and make a layout but I didn't feel like it this year.  Today,  I decided to either do something with them or throw them out. I guess the sentimental-sucker-section of my brain panicked because I immediately knew what to do. 

I popped down the stairs and grabbed these...

The Undones_1

Then I loaded in as many cards as would fit into 2 page protectors. I didn't keep them all.  I'm not a hoarder, people! But I kept the ones from Gabriel's closest friends, ones with handwriting and pictures of things they are into right now (like Transformers, Hot Wheels and Elmo).  I left a couple of blank spots for a title block and used some Studio Calico/American Crafts Thickers. I like how that turned out.

the Undones_2

Here's the back...

the Undones_3

Here's the next page...

The Undones_4

And finally, I put the odd sized Valentines in a We R Memory Keepers page protector that I pinched from one of my 5.5x7.5 albums.

The Undones_6

These pages are going into the album I'm making in Sara's Yearlong Album class. My friend, Sara, teaches the class at my LSS, The Paperie.  Each month we add pages to the album and this is perfect for February. Right now, it's the only thing in that album - ha!

There are so many reasons why I keep the kids' Valentines. Mainly because Gabriel is writing his name now and I'm a sentimental-sucker. I would be over the moon with joy if my mom found a stash of my childhood Valentine's. Seriously.

Anyway, I think this will be my solution from now on. It's easy to do and the Valentines are easy to enjoy as you flip through them.

And that's another Undone project done!  I hope I've inspired you to do something with that ephemera that's hanging around your kitchen (or wherever). Slipping it into a divided page protector is a really easy way to get it into an album and out of your undone pile. 

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