Monday, 9 July 2012

ICAD2: Still playing along...

...but not caught up!

I have zip zero zilch desire to sit at my desk when the sun is just so darn shiny. My mojo must be out there somewhere working on a tan. And in the meantime, sitting outside and reading during Ben's afternoon nap has become my new favorite thing.

Seriously, how do people in sunny climates get anything done? EVER?

So, what does that mean for ICAD2? Well...I'm behind. Obviously. At this point, we should have 39 cards done and I have about 32 done. Though strictly speaking, some of those aren't quite finished. 

Here's what I have been working on recently...

Day 27


Sadly, this card did not turn out as planned. Once again, finding the right focal image eluded me and...well...I kept adding things hoping it would help. It didn't. Oh, well.

 I was art journaling with my friend, Tina, on Saturday night and borrowed the nib stamp that she had borrowed from our friend, Sara. I was really impressed with the detail in the stamp - it's lovely and it's on my wish list.

Day 28


I started this card with some gesso and embedded book paper.  Then I painted the whole thing with Quinacridone Magenta (which Tina calls "cry-baby" magenta because she can't say Quinacridone - hee!)  I've been watching Donna Downey use it for ages in her Inspiration Wednesday videos and just had to get some for myself.  FYI: it's awesome.

I used the nib stamp again and some old old old AC rub- ons. Sadly, it was too pink and the quote stamp was illegible so I covered a section with book paper, more "cry-baby" magenta and then it was ready for the quote stamp from one of Tina's Dylusions sets. 

Art journaling with friends is fun - just as it should be. We share ideas, techniques and products and we laugh - a lot. If you haven't tried it,  you should. 

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. hello! I'm nearly caught up. I'm doing sets of three these days - so it takes me a coupla days to finish the set!

    Your cards are great. Fortunately it cooled down the last two days so my brain woke up!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure my mojo will come back when the sun goes away, too.

      I like how you're working on your cards in sets. Definitely something to consider as I move forward and try to get "caught up".

  2. Great cards! Now, if you could just send some of that hot weather to England that would be great :-)

    1. Thanks! I would happily share the sunshine if I could. I live in Newfoundland so I know what it's like to have cool temps during the summer. Wishing you warmer weather soon!