Wednesday, 30 May 2012

3 Reasons Why I Broke up with Project Life...

Let me be clear, this is not a bash-up of  those who use and love PL. I love the idea, the products and all those PL blog posts. Those alone are addictive and so inspiring. And all those printables? Oh my!

But I couldn't make it work and here are the 3 main reasons why:

1. The commitment was too big.  It was taking me hours to finish the spread each week. Time that I wanted to spend making layouts.  I really don't have time to do both so I had to choose.  Sorry, PL.

2. I wasn't having fun. What's the point of forcing myself to do something that is supposed to be fun? I already "have to" do lots of things like plan meals and change diapers. Although PL was never that bad, I really didn't want to add one more thing to my "to do" list.

3. I like to journal a lot.  I'm rarely stuck with what to write. I usually have a problem trying to fit it all in. I'm always editing stuff out. Always. I know I could have added inserts but I didn't want the year to span a couple of albums. I mean, where would I put them?

For a long time I felt like quite the failure for not sticking with PL.  So many scrappers are doing such wonderful work and they all talk about how they love it. I just didn't feel the love.  And in the end, that's ok. I'm not a failure because memory keeping isn't about success or failure it's about preserving what matters to you. 

So, keep doing what you're doing PLers.  I'm quite happy to watch from the sidelines.



ps: Here's a look at one of my spreads just to prove that I really did try.



pps: I totally reserve the right to completely change my mind about PL at any point without any notice. : )


  1. Love this post. I am doing PL, and love it. Some weeks I'm on top of it, otehr weeks I'm not. What I love is that I am doing it, whereas with regular layouts it was really, really sporadic (unlike you, where regular layouts are, well regular!). For me, it is actually getting those stories down. I do other layouts, more detailed and creative, when I carve out some time, but I don't do both in depth. It's about balance - my balance is PL, yours is not - and that's perfect.

    PPS: I totally reserve the right to change my mind about PL on a whim too :) Esp if it gets away from me before 52 weeks have arrived! ha!!

    1. Thanks, Colleen. I wanted to talk about my "relationship" with PL in case there is anyone out there feeling the same way. I'm so glad that I didn't offend in the process as I really do think that Project Life is great and so are the people using it.