Thursday, 19 April 2012

the Undones: Birthday Book (part 1)

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Last week, I started this series about unfinished projects that I call "the Undones".  We all have projects that we start with great intentions but never finish for one reason or another.  In my case, I have a box in my space full of good intentions.  Things I want to do but not "right now".  Maybe I'm bored of the project because it's taking too long to finish, I don't have the right supplies, I lost direction or maybe real life gets in the way. Whatever. When the box is totally full, I go through it and try to decide what to do with the projects. 

This week, I tried to finish the Amy Tangerine Day Book I was working on to celebrate Ben's first birthday.  On the actual day, I used Ali Edwards' Day in the Life approach to document what the day was like. I made notes during the day and used Post-It notes for things I wanted to add later. You can see a blue note reminding me to heat emboss a print of Ben's hand.  I can't find my white embossing powder and need to buy more.  Ben's handprint is going to be a little bigger now than it was a month ago but it's better than nothing, right?

By bedtime, the book was mostly done but still undone.  My goal was to have it finished to share today but alas I'm still not done. I'll show you some of what I have and then finish it up and share the rest next week.













I think this is more than enough photos for one blog post.

So, as you can see it's nothing fancy.  Lots of journaling and photos and some emphemera - just the way I like it!

You're probably wondering what's "undone".  Well, the cover isn't done, and the back page isn't done and I have to emboss his hand print. I have ideas for what I want to do - I just have to do it.

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