Wednesday, 11 April 2012

how to be joyful when you feel kinda s'nuh

Usually when I blog about joy I feel happy because thinking about and sharing things I love feels wonderful.  But today I didn't feel wonderful at all. I am emotionally hung over and a little tired. My sibs and their families have gone back to their respective provinces and, right now, Canada feels a bit too big.  They're way too far away. 


So, this girl decided it was ok to feel glum but it was not ok to waste such a beautiful sunshiney day and I packed up my pitiful self and the boys and I took them to The Rooms to make a giant squid. Yup, we made 2 giant squids out of craft foam and then we walked around and looked at the actual thing. (note: It is gross.) Then we went to the cafe. I had a fabulous coffee and the boys had milk and muffins. And when we finished that we went and looked at some art.

Somewhere in those 2 hours, I started to feel better. I'm not giddy with joy. I still miss my sibs but wallowing in sadness isn't going to change a dang thing.  I can be sentimental but this situation calls for practical. So that's what I'm doing and in the process I realized 2 things today:

  1. Sometimes procrastination works. I postponed my pity party and when I did that I was able to be in the moment with my kids. I had fun with them and that made me feel better. Score one for procrastination!
  2. If I want my kids to have the same relationship with each other that I have with my sibs, I have a part to play in that. I worry about them knowing their cousins but I need to make sure know each other too.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to start paring down the 300+ photos I took over Easter.

Have a good one!



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