Sunday, 1 April 2012

around here...


DSC_0963_edited into everything. Literally. (That was a bag of rice cereal.) learning new words everyday.
...loves to say "what's this?"
...loves interactive books especially Alphabet and Tails by Matthew Van Fleet.
...went for a walk with his mom today and held a snowball the whole time. It's possible he loves winter.


DSC_0948_edited getting a cold.
...napped on Saturday and Sunday. That never happens so he's definitely not feeling well. a Mario Kart racing demon. talking with a funny accent on purpose. We can't figure out why or where he got it but he thinks it's hilarious.
...loved the idea of April Fools' Day.


DSC_0952_edited a goofball. This is the only picture he would let me take of him all week.
...had no issues with his beater car this week. anxiously awaiting the start of Game of Thrones tonight.


DSC_0954_edited ...really wants winter to be over. waiting for her sister to come home but they're having trouble getting in. Dang storm! thinking about Week in the Life and The Paperie Retreat. Both are getting close. yay!
...loved teaching Gabriel about April Fools' Day. in love with avocado. It's just so yummy and there are many great recipes to try.

Well, that's another week for us. Time to start thinking about April and Spring break. 



around here... is a series devoted to memory keeping.   I'm sharing the notes I take about our everyday lives.   Notes that will help me remember all the little things that make life wonderful.

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