Monday, 26 March 2012

around here...


DSC_0857 working on his walking skills. He's getting stronger everyday but he's not in a rush.
...he likes asparagus and avocado but not chocolate chip Bear Paw cookies - he has good taste!
...had his 1 year needles on Tuesday and it didn't slow him down one bit.


DSC_0847 a clown. wearing his favourite jammies in this picture.
...was very kind to a preschool friend on her birthday this week. He shared his spot as line leader (one of his favourite things). I was very proud.


...needs to let me take his picture at least once a week!
...had to take his beater car to the shop again this week. becoming quite the political junkie - especially American politics.
...had to have emergency dental work this week. He blames a peanut butter cup.



...needs to practice taking selfies.
...needs to take more pictures of Sam, too.
...went a-scrapping today. It was awesome.
...bought some new scrappin' supplies.  She is happy. taking an online class from "the" Tim Holtz. She is very happy.
...loves blogging and is grateful to everyone who stops by.  Thank you.


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