Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Week in the Life 2014: Wednesday

This week, I'm sharing the pages from my Week in the Life 2014 album. If you'd like to see how the week has been going so far, here are my Monday and Tuesday pages.

And now onto Wednesday's breakfast - waffles!

WITL 2014_Wed 1

Each and every morning for months, it was waffles.

WITL 2014_Wed 2

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Gabriel plays video games in the morning.  I wanted something a little different and I thought a picture featuring his game controller would be an interesting change.

WITL 2014_Wed 3

At 8:00, Gabriel and Sam leave for school and work.

WITL 2014_Wed 4

A little field trip with Ben. He likes the use the Force to open doors. He also likes hats.

WITL 2014_Wed 5

Some notes about our day and another divided page protector.

WITL 2014_Wed 6

It's a great way to use multiple pictures of a similar event. You'll see more of that later (hint, hint).

WITL 2014_Wed 7

I love the FaceTime shot. I never would have taken it if not for Week in the Life.

WITL 2014_Wed 8

I love this shot of Ben playing with Play-Doh. It was one of his favorite of things to play with before, during and after Week in the Life. He doesn't play with it much right now so I had to include this pic.

WITL 2014_Wed 9

Then the pumpkin carving. I am so happy Week in the Life happened during Halloween this year. I'm sure that wasn't an accident. Each year, we get way too many pumpkins and then the boys want to carve them all.

WITL 2014_Wed 10

Sam went all out and carved Luigi into his. He was pretty proud of himself and Gabriel was delighted. All in all in was a good time. So, there's our Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed flipping through the pages.

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